Snowy Day

After raining all day Sunday, this was our radar Monday morning as I was about to leave for work (we are right on the pink line).

On the way to work it started snowing really hard and the wind was ridiculous. Luckily I live 3 blocks from school and Campbell’s sitter is maybe 1/2 mile from the other side of the school. I do have to go down a short stretch of country road to get there, and this is how it looked after just a few minutes of snowing:

We ended up getting out of school two hours early. It never snowed more than an inch or so, but the wind was crazy strong and our district is very rural. Those country roads get scary fast, especially when it rains before it snows. I had spent four solid hours grading on Sunday so I actually didn’t have much to do in the afternoon. The kids played outside a bit and I made myself a hot fudge brownie peppermint ice cream sundae.

That was around 1:30, and around 6:30 when I was serving the family dinner, I still wasn’t hungry. So, I postponed dinner to go run on the treadmill. It was a horrible run. About a mile in I sugar crashed, HARD. I stumbled through the last half mile.

My original goal was to run easy for a whole Gilmore Girls episode (I’m on season 6 now). I don’t like letting up on my goals, so I walked the last 10-12 minutes of it. I haven’t logged this run yet. Do I count the walking or not? I mean, that extra half mile is going to be HUGE in my training right? ;)

Then, I came upstairs and ate dinner. Refreshed, I ordered part of Campbell’s Christmas present. She’s getting a new bed and bedding.

Lands End had 30% off plus double cash back (6%) at Ebates yesterday, so I ordered the pillows, pillow protectors, mattress pad, and comforter last night. The sheet set is from Pottery Barn Kids. I’m holding out to see if they have a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale before ordering those and the bed.

It sure is expensive buying a whole new bed and bedding…by the time you add up the cost of the mattress, pillows, sheets, bed, etc., this will be a VERY nice Christmas gift! But, it’s something she needs. She still has a toddler bed and she’ll be five next year! She’s going to love her bed.

Did anyone else have snow yesterday? Who’s started Christmas shopping?

Does a P.R. Count During Training?

Today I ran alone outside, which I don’t do often. When I do, I like to take advantage of the fact that I don’t need extra oxygen to talk, and I push the pace a little. Talking with friends is my #1 favorite thing to do while running, but it does slow me down about a minute a mile. I don’t mind at ALL–talking with friends makes a run awesome. The most awesome of all runs. I will ALWAYS choose a run with friends over a solo run if my schedule allows it. But today, Evan had a swim meet this morning when my normal buds ran, so I went alone in the late afternoon.

When I left, I planned to run 6 miles, and shortly into the run, I decided to go for my 10k PR. I’ve never really raced a 10k. I mean I’ve run 10k’s, at least three of them that I remember. But I don’t think I’ve ever really pushed myself during one. My fastest before today was 59 minutes, and that was just over a year ago. Today, I ran 6.2 miles in 54:38!

It was a nice run. It was 50 degrees. FIFTY! This felt like a heat wave after some runs in the windy teens this week. There was a strong head wind for one of the miles (I think maybe mile 4?), and another mile was mostly uphill (mile 3). But overall, the conditions were ideal and I’m pumped about this P.R. My 59 minute 10k from last year was on a very flat course, too.

However, let’s get to the big question. IS this a P.R. since I wasn’t in a race? I am torn, and I am leaning towards no. I know I could run even faster in a race, because, well, racing. But I don’t have a 10k on the horizon. They just aren’t that common around here. It might be 6-8 months before I run one and who knows where I’ll be, fitness-wise, then. Can I call this a P.R.?

Let’s take a poll:

Checking Off My To-Do List

One thing that helps me feel better when I am really busy is to-do lists. Sometimes I even write down really dumb things like, “Feed the dog,” as if that’s something big to do. It just makes me feel better to cross things off.

Grading “papers” has changed for me in the last few years. Now, most of what my students do is on Google docs. I teach English, so most of their assignments are writing-related and Google docs makes the most sense. The nice thing about this is my desk stays clean and I don’t have actual paper to lug back and forth from work to home and back. I’ve written before about how I keep my queue of files to grade organized. Often, before I start grading, I count how many docs total I have to grade in all of my folders. Last night, it was 225. That number did freak me out a little. However, by bedtime, I had it down to 84. That was after about 3 solid hours of grading. Because teachers only work 8-3 and have summers off, you know. Here’s one class’s “inbox” of things to grade:

32! Not too bad. And three of my other classes have two or less. I’m feeling a little better going into today even if I did stay up until 11.

Do you find yourself writing to-do lists and checking things off? Do you write silly things on there just to check off more stuff?