Yesterday I went a bit crazy in workout land, which is totally unlike me. First off, I ran the Oregon Trail Days Rugged River 5k Run.

I don’t know how you all take pics during races because this is what mine look like:

I will just say that the run was tough! The first mile or so was on roads. We started in a farmer’s field (really) and ran maybe 3/4 mile to the entrance of the park. Here are some pics I took on the shuttle back to the car:

Race start (told you it was a farm field).

Then, we ran through the campground area of the park, where they had their Oregon Trail Days festival set up. It’s not every day you run through tepees.

But then we hit this gravel road that went down, fast. You couldn’t even carry speed with the gravity of the descent because the footing was so uneven. I said to this woman near me, “I hope we don’t run up that!” to which she replied that what we’d run up would be worse. She was right. We ran along the river for a bit, which was a pretty nice single-track trail, and then we went UP. Here’s a picture I snagged off the internet. We started at the top, then ran down by the river (like close enough to touch it), then we ran up and past that statue. And then up a little more. It was so steep in parts!

Here we are after the race:

Then, Lori and I went mountain biking. I didn’t take many pictures because mountain biking takes 100% concentration for me, but here’s a picture I took on our break, in one of the prettiest spots.

Here’s our route! We went about 7.5 miles.

And then, because a race & 80 minutes of biking wasn’t enough, I joined our running group for the long run (part of the half marathon training plan). I had already run 3 in the a.m., so I dropped out at about 5.5 miles (they ran 8).

I felt great during the run, but I’m so sore today! I’m not sure if it was the biking, the crash I took during biking, or just excessive exercise, but today is definitely a rest day!

Motivational Quotes that Lie

Maybe I’m a pessimist, but I don’t always believe the motivational sayings that I see running down my Facebook wall. For example:


Yeah. A solution that I can never figure out on my own which makes me feel really stupid and angry and hateful.


And then die in two weeks or less (which is how long butterflies usually live). Some butterflies lives as few as two days. None live more than a year. I’d rather try to emulate another animal, thank you very much.


Except when you’re in a crappy motel or at a weird relative’s house. Then you are most definitely not home.


This is probably pretty easy to do when you’re Neil Patrick Harris being that handsome and a great dancer and hilarious and rich and famous.


When you JUST get the blocks all in place they all come tumbling down before you can even enjoy your work. You know it’s true.


That’s right because who I am is a massive hidden chunk of ice. Cold ice. Probably best you don’t know who I am.


And a lot of athletic talent.

I kid…I am really a pretty optimistic person and I don’t let myself feel down about things. At least I think I’m optimistic. I have to admit I immediately thought the things I typed here when I first saw these posters. Some I do find really motivating, and I’ve posted them here before. Some though, I just don’t get! If you want a big laugh, look at these DEmotivational posters: Demotivators.

Do you ever laugh at motivational posters?

I Yoga-ed

Thursday night I went to my first ever yoga class. It was actually my second yoga experience. My first experience was a bit of a nightmare last week when my friend and I tried P90x yoga in my basement. That was so hard! My legs were like jelly by the end.

Last night was much different. The class, for beginners, was small, and the teacher walked around to make sure everyone was doing the poses correctly. She talked us through it the whole time and explained what was supposed to be happening. After just one yoga class, here are my reflections:
1. Yoga requires more strength than I thought.
2. I really can exercise without talking for 90 minutes.
3. I really need better balance, and I think yoga will help.
4. I am really inflexible. Hoping yoga will help that too.
5. Yoga really makes you more aware of your body.

It wasn’t my favorite form of exercise, but I can see the benefit and I will continue.

Proof this is a small town: The class only had 8 people in it and I knew 5 of them. When you grow up in a town and then teach in that same town, you kinda know lots of people.

I don’t have any photos, because not taking photos during yoga class seemed like some type of unspoken rule. Do you do yoga regularly?