To Summarize

Campbell’s outfit choice for lunch out last Saturday along with the random things she chose to take with:

That’s about how I felt all last week: outfits thrown together and barely able to hold on to all I needed. I didn’t even run or do yoga all of last week! This week is going better already. (I realize it’s only Monday). I have two runs in, and a “normal” week ahead without a plethora off overlapping appointments and strange commitments.

The best part about busy stressful weeks like last week is they make regular weeks (which are still pretty busy) seem like a piece of cake!

Plus, IT’S MARCH, you guys. The month in which spring happens. And the time changes this weekend! Happy Monday!

How’s this week looking for you? Extra busy or normal?

Tinker Crate

One of Evan’s Christmas presents from us was a subscription to TinkerCrate. Every month, he gets a Tinker Crate in the mail. Each box is themed and inside is an informational booklet, a set of blueprints, and all of the materials you need to build a project. ALL OF THE MATERIALS. Because “Hey I need a 3/8″ allen wrench” (is that a thing?) is not fun for moms. And the projects are super awesome. They are all science, engineering, and/or technology based. These boxes are the highlight of his month.

In December, he got a kit to make a little motor.

December was focused on animation and he built a heliotrope. There are videos of all of the projects at TinkerCrate’s YouTube channel.

In January, he was sent a box on hydraulics. The projects are just the perfect amount of challenging in that he finds them interesting, yet he doesn’t need help.

The project involved using tubing, syringes, and water to control an arm.

Evan added the color. Which was a super fantastic idea until one of the tubes popped off and colored water sprayed everywhere.

The TinkerCrate is designed for ages 9 and up. The company also makes KiwiCrates for ages 4-8 and KoalaCrates for ages 3-4. There’s also a drawing crate for kids 9 and older called DoodleCrate. They have a shop where you can buy single project crates, too. This isn’t a sponsored post–Evan just really loves these crates and I thought I’d share! :)

Have you heard of any of the crates?


Last weekend, Chris and Evan went to a swim meet so Campbell and I did some crafting. First, she made some wall art with a cheap canvas, some paint, and some glued on buttons that she picked out. It turned out pretty cute. Not bad for about $7.

Best part of this pic: BED HEAD.

Of course, she had to use EVERY button. Because, duh.

While we were at the craft store, she HAD TO HAVE this princess fleece blanket kit. I sooo hate to make these fleece blankets. Like on a scale of 1-10, I like making them -5.

It was the fourth one I’ve made (two for each kid). I’m officially retired.

Then, we made curtains for her bedroom!

And by made I mean that I cut it and “sewed” it with iron-on sticky no-sew stuff called Stitch Witchery. Which would totally be my nickname if I did sew. She picked out the fabric. Pink bows. What else? It looks pretty good w/ her bedding though!

I also had knitting needles in my cart at the fabric store because I was determined to make a scarf just like Kim did. I pulled up the pattern at the store to see what I needed. Then I realized that I could buy a scarf for less than the price of yarn and I put it all back. That was the end of my knitting career…it started and ended in the shopping cart at JoAnn Fabrics!
(p.s. although now that I looked back at Kim’s blog to find the link for this post I SO want that scarf again. I might go back to JoAnn fabrics and reconsider)

Did you do anything crafty this week?