The Boston Winds are Here

Who watched the Boston Marathon? I wasn’t able to watch much online this year because the times didn’t line up with my lunch, but I watched some of it when I got home. I’m amazed by two things:

The classiness of Meb. He didn’t have a great day. But not a horrible one either, a 2:12 marathon, hello! I’ve been amazed by his class in every newspaper and T.V. interview I’ve seen. (photo from the Washington Post).

The grit of Desiree Linden. Look at her face here! She was determined to not let the pace slow, as she knew the fewer women in the lead pack at the end, the higher she’d finish. When the pack slowed, she took the lead and pulled them forward. (photo from the Boston Globe)

We are enjoying 20-some mph winds here today, so I guess the Boston weather somehow drifted back west. It’s also only in the 40’s, which is really painful after a warm week last week. I don’t think I feel like fighting those winds, so I’ll probably attempt the treadmill tonight. I say “attempt” because my knee is mad at me. I’m due for an adjustment, but because of my kids’ activities, I don’t have time to go for this week! I’m hoping I just tweaked it at yoga last night somehow. We did a lot of warrior I and I was having trouble with the hip twisting.

And that’s all for today. I’m off to do dishes and then hopefully run!

The Cutest

There is nothing cuter than a first dance recital.

Or a 4-year-old in a tutu.

Except maybe a dozen 4-year-olds in tutus.

Or maybe 4-year-olds in tutus taking a bow.

And waving.

It was enjoyed by many family and friends.

She said, “This is the best day ever!” (she’s said that before, but this may have been)

Why does my stomach make weird noises when I run and other random musings

This is a busy week (I feel like I am always saying that but with two kids in activities and my own agenda it’s true). Tonight we got home at 7, but Chris is at a board meeting until who-knows-when. The kids and I went for a run. I guess I should say I went for a run; Evan rode his bike and Campbell rode in the stroller. It was a gorgeous evening and we made it 3.4 miles before it got too late.

I had eaten dinner at 4:45 before we went to Campbell’s gymnastics class. Whenever I run more than a couple of hours after I eat, my stomach makes weird sloshy noises. I can’t even explain them exactly other than to compare them to the noises that some horses’ stomachs make when they canter (especially geldings), but if you haven’t been around a lot of horses, that won’t make sense. Sometimes it lasts the whole run and sometimes it goes away. It’s never painful and it doesn’t make me feel sick or uncomfortable. It is, however, embarrassing because people running nearby can hear it! Does that happen to anyone else?

In other news Evan just started playing spring soccer. Here he is at practice last night doing some little running drill. He’s the fastest runner. :)

Meanwhile Campbell and I played My Little Ponies, during which I learned all of their names. We had to Google a couple that she couldn’t remember. There are a lot of cutie marks to keep track of.

I thought of a lot of really good things to blog about while I ran and guess how many I can remember now? Zero. I guess I’ll stop here! Does your stomach ever make strange noises when you run? Do you know any of the My Little Ponies? Do you forget your brilliant blog ideas?