The other night when posting my pumpkin carving pictures on Facebook, I noticed the differences between the impressions one gets from photos and what actually happened. Here are some examples.

Exhibit 1:
The photo indicates that Campbell is carefully cutting up an avocado with a knife and helping to make tossed salad.

Reality: About 2 seconds after this photo was taken, Campbell fell off the chair. In the process, she somehow flipped the cutting board and sliced avocado flew all over the kitchen.

Exhibit 2:
A beta fish swims calmly in a salsa jar.

Reality: This beta fish just spent at least 10 minutes (probably more like 15) at the bottom of Campbell’s shoe bin. I tried to pick up the bowl to clean it, and it broke in my hands. The fish disappeared. Finally, after cleaning up the water, rocks, and shards of glass, I took every shoe of Campbell’s out of the tote (the bowl had broken over it and gotten them all wet). The fish was at the bottom. Oh, did I mention it was 9:30 p.m. and Campbell was asleep in her room (where this all happened)?

Exhibit 3:
Campbell appears to be scooping out her own pumpkin.

Reality: This was the one & only time her hand was in there. I scooped out both of her pumpkins.

I think not knowing the “behind the scenes” events is actually my favorite part of photography. It doesn’t “freeze moments in time”; it “fakes moments in time.”

Fake it ’til you make it, right? ;)

What are your “fake” photos?

Pumpkin Carving Time!

This year, carving pumpkins was the best ever for a few reasons:
1. Evan is old enough to do his completely by himself–the hallowing out, the planning, and the carving.
2. Campbell is old enough to at least stay out of the way and also old enough to appreciate our hard work.
3. The weather was amazing so we could carve them outside in the driveway.

(Don’t let that pic fool you; she barely helped)

Sticking the pattern on with saran wrap was new for us, but it worked pretty well (it was on the package directions).

Campbell was pretty happy with her “kitty dragon” and “kitty pirate”.

“Visiting” them at night in her Christmas pajamas.

“Kitty Dragon” (the plastic eye came with the carving kit)

“Kitty Pirate”

Scary Vampire Man

Skeleton Man

And here they all are! It’s supposed to be so warm this week…I hope they don’t rot by Halloween!

Saturday Trail Run

I decided to do a trail run for my long run today for a couple of reasons: first off, to mix things up a bit and build some muscles in my legs for next week’s climb, and also because it’s the most beautiful time of year here in the Midwest. Here are today’s long run facts:

Location: Rockwood State Park Horse Trails

Distance: 9.25 miles

Distance it felt like: 15 miles. My thighs were tired (they’ve never hurt before) and I know it’s because on the trail it’s constant up-down-up-down. The last mile had some serious hills and I did fine going UP but ending up walking down them.

Run fuel: Gummy bears! I wasn’t super crazy about them. The little honey jar I was so excited about isn’t going to work because the honey is too thick. I might use it up and fill it with something else. I ate my gummy bears around mile 7-8. They didn’t make me feel great, but that might be because I ate a bunch of junk food at Evan’s swim meet today.

Favorite views:

# of horses seen: 5

# of deer seen: 1 (but I saw the same one twice, does that count as 2?)

# of times I had to call Chris because I thought I was lost: 3 (or maybe 4?) Today was my first time going all the way around the park. Usually I do only one side or the other, and I’ve never run a 3-mile section in the middle. Our conversation went like this: “Where are you?”
“I don’t know, there’s a line of trees and a cornfield.”
Luckily he runs these trails 4-5 days a week and was able to help me despite my vague directions.

# of times I freaked out about being eaten by a cougar: 200

Route shape: (it almost looks like Asia & Europe w/out India:

I’m sort of confused as to what distances to run exactly since I’m not following a half-marathon training plan this time around. I decided to aim for 9-10 miles today (the half marathon is next Saturday). I am not doing the 5-6 mile mid-week longer run most weeks (usually I run 4 miles 2-3 times in between my long runs). However, Chris insists I’ll be fine, and given that I just plan to RUN a half marathon and not RACE one, he’s probably right. I ran 13 miles last weekend, so I know I can do it. Here are my last few weeks of training:

What do you run the week before a half marathon? Have you run one without doing the 5-6 mile mid-week runs?