What are Reasons YOU Trash Posts?

I am guessing most bloggers have written posts and abandoned them for one reason or another.

I mentioned before that I wrote a long post on Saturday and then decided to trash it. There are several reasons I end up writing posts and never publishing them. Here are a few:

1. Strong Opinions – Saturday’s post was a little opinionated, and while I am not exactly a high-profile person, as a teacher of every single 6th grader in my small town, I’m not exactly low-profile, either. I know a lot of people. I’m guessing 99.5% of the people I know don’t read this blog, but I’d hate for someone to happen across it and be offended. If I have strong opinions, which I do, I keep them to myself. I do not discuss strong opinions on parenting/child-rearing, politics, etc. I really don’t discuss those too much in person either unless I’m with close friends.

2. Oversharing – There is a limit to what people need to know about me. I have a tendency to over share. I try to limit myself a bit not so much for my own privacy, which I don’t so much care about, but for the sake of being less annoying to my readers.

3. My Kids’ Privacy – I try not to share too many personal things about my kids. This is hard, because they’re so freakin’ cute and I want to show you all.

4. Time – Some posts are time consuming to write and I just never get around to finishing them. Classroom/teaching posts are always time consuming to write, especially if they involve links, pictures, etc. Often I’ll be doing something cool in the classroom and think, “Oh I should share this on my blog!” but then I never make time.

There you go. What about you? If you start a blog post or Facebook status or other online bit of writing and then decide not to post it, why?


Hello there. I have a few blog posts in drafts that I actually worked hard on and then decided not to post for whatever reason. So here we are with pointless words and pictures because I have nothing meaty that I care to share right now.

This Monday we’ll start the second full week of school, and I’m looking forward to it because we’re all falling into a nice routine. And by “we” I mean my kids here at home and my kids at school. I really do love those sixth graders. I think it’s my favorite grade to teach (I’ve taught 5th through 8th). This year is awesome because I’m ONLY teaching 6th grade. I taught 6th and 7th the past two years and 7th and 8th for several years before that.

I also have a really good schedule this year. I have the first hour of the day free and the last hour of the day free. I do have a homeroom at the very end of the day, but the last instructional hour I’m free. I teach my four English classes in a row and then my two reading classes. My classes are relatively similar in size, unlike some years in which I end up with one or two small classes and then one or two huge ones. I think this is probably the best schedule I’ve had in my 15 years. And I’m not taking it for granted because I know I could have a horrible schedule next year or even end up teaching different classes. Junior high teachers have to be ready to move around. Actually all teachers do in most cases.

And now for the pictures. I call this one “Birdy Bo Peep” because we call Lily “Birdy” all the time. She actually answers to “Bird” or “Birdy” just as well as “Lily”. I’m not sure when or why I started calling her “Lily-Bird”, but it morphed from there.

We’ve had some interesting scenes at the bus stop. It has been unseasonably warm, and I’ve worn a jacket every morning during my bus duty, but Campbell took it one step further and busted out her kitty hat.

In the morning, she rides to school with me and gets on a shuttle bus, which takes her to her school. While we wait for the bus, she likes to get out of her seat and climb into the back of the SUV. Probably someone will call the police soon because every day at 7:45 I open the back of the car and Campbell climbs out to go get in the bus line. Sometimes with a cat (the cat stayed with me; no cats in school).

Evan has been taking horseback riding lessons twice a week, but Campbell is only taking them once a week. The other time, she likes to come with and play with the barn cats. She actually might end up quitting lessons because today she said she’d rather just play with the cats.

She carried the cat around like this forever. He just sat there (she’s playing a game on an old cell phone that the kids use as a tablet).

Evan is doing really well at riding lessons. He started riding a new horse and he really likes him.

They like each other a lot! No chance of him quitting anytime soon.

There you go, a very non-interesting post. As for running, yes I’m still going on a mostly regular basis. Evan and I went for a run this afternoon, actually.

I hope you all are having a good weekend! Anyone up to anything fun?

Potato Soup Recipe

Chris loves potato soup. One night he was craving soup, so I tried a new recipe. Allrecipes.com is my go-to for online recipes. I like that I can save recipes as favorites for later. I like the reviews and that I can choose the most popular or highest rated recipe. I found a recipe called “Delicious Ham and Potato Soup” that had a 5-star rating and 8,712 reviews. Chris and Evan both said it was the best potato soup they’d ever had. I’ve made it twice now, so I know it’s not a fluke. Here it is (click the recipe to go to the website):

Disclaimer: I didn’t have ham, so I used bacon both times. Maybe 1/2 pound of bacon? I also didn’t have celery so I left that out.