My running buddies had a surprise birthday party for me this morning. I thought I was going to coffee with two of them , but the whole crew was there with cake and balloons and the whole works. I was pretty surprised!

It was actually my friend Tiffany’s birthday TODAY, but she is the one who planned the party (she had a birthday party for herself last weekend). She is the party planner extraordinaire in our group.

But then our friends got her a cake too!

Here is everyone. Even my mom & grandma came!

I literally have the best friends. Tonight, I went out for dinner my two oldest friends (meaning we’ve been friends since kindergarten). On the way out of the restaurant two Mexican guys randomly asked us to go to a polka party they were having later. First off, a polka party? And secondly, A POLKA PARTY? We laughed so much about it. And then we went home to play cards. Which I’m positive was way more fun than any polka party. I didn’t take any pictures but I should have!

Between the party & dinner, I squeezed in a treadmill run while watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is pretty much the dumbest show I’ve ever seen but it makes me laugh so hard.

And then I came home and had a piece of (gluten free) birthday cake!


I turned 40 today. I have to say I am proud to be 40. I was ambivalent about 30. 35 was sort of tough…I felt I was on the downhill slide to 40. But now that I’m 40, I can say it is good to be here. My life is good. I feel good. My body is strong and can do many things. I don’t have things to complain about.

I had a lot of good surprises today from my family, my friends, and my coworkers. Some highlights were the little sweet things from my husband like a mocha this a.m., a very nice card, and a DQ cake this evening, handmade cards from my kids:

special treats made by one coworker, a surprise lunch visit from a retired past coworker, several small groups of 6th graders singing songs from an “over the hill” birthday book, and a plethora of texts, emails, and Facebook messages.

Then I took Campbell to gymnastics class and we got groceries and gas in the car. And Evan has strep throat today. Luckily my mom could stay home with him. So, while my birthday was glamorous in some ways, in some in wasn’t, and that’s okay. That’s life. Life is both good and bad, and we get what we get and don’t get upset.

Do you know what the best part of 40 is? MASTER’S RUNNING, baby. Bring it on.

How do you feel about birthdays? Which birthday do you think has been the most difficult so far? Which has been your favorite?

Le Tote and a New Way to Eat Fruit Loops and Creativity

Mail order subscription boxes are all the rage now, and this week I signed up for a new (to me) one. Le Tote. It is similar to Stitch Fix in that you are sent a box of clothes. Unlike Stitch Fix, in which you either buy or return the clothes, with Le Tote you wear the clothes and send them back (unwashed)! You can keep the box as long or as short as you want to. I am going to wear each item once and return it ASAP so I get 4 (or even 5 if I time it right) different boxes a month. It’s the same price per month no matter how many boxes you get (around $50). Netflix for clothes! Woot woot! I plan to write a whole post about it at the end of the month when I have a better idea of how I like it.

Every box contains 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories. My first box contained these items:
A necklace (wore this today):

A ring (I need lotion):

A blouse & skinny black pants:

The blouse is long in the back (wore this today):

A dress:

I’m wearing this tomorrow. I never notice how dirty my mirrors are until I use them for selfies!

Meanwhile, Campbell played outside in the snow. I’m not kidding, sadly. We had an inch at least, maybe 2 or 3 right during the a.m. commute Monday. Someone that I work with that has a 30 minute drive said it was the worst driving of the year. A bus even turned over! Geez. Freakin’ spring. Campbell came inside and demanded hot chocolate and a snack. I gave her a handful of fruit loops, and the next thing I know this is happening:

A friend sent us a box of clothes, so Campbell made the box into a “battleship” for herself and Peaches.

Unrelated: Campbell decorated her bedroom window. In case you can’t read, it says “Happy Spring”. I should have taken a new picture today with the ground white in the background! (this is from Saturday)

If only we all had the imagination of kids. I was just wondering over the weekend how come adults don’t play with toys anymore. Is it because we don’t have time? Because, truth be told, I still sort of like playing with some toys. Why do I never sit down and play with them unless I’m playing with the kids?

Have you tried or heard of Le Tote.? Do you still play with toys? If not, do you want to?