Soaking Up Summer Misc. Pics

We really try to soak up the last few days of summer (we’re down to under 2 weeks). I love the days when we have few plans and can do a lot of lounging. Sorta like this:

The weather has warmed up, so we’ve been hanging out at the pool pretty much every day. Sunday, we were there five hours! Even with sunscreen, Campbell is getting a tan. A weird one, from wearing three different suits.

Our peaches are ripe in the backyard so the other night Campbell and I peeled & sliced a bunch with intentions of making a pie. We had waffles w/ peach topping for dinner one night and peach crisp another, but no pie. After the first two things I realized I’m not super crazy about peach desserts and I lost my pie mojo.

Over the weekend I finished a coloring page that I started awhile ago. Using colored pencils takes a lot longer than markers but you can use shading, blending, etc. making it more fun. I really like the Enchanted Forest coloring book best of all.

Here’s another one from the same book:

Evan loves doing them too. We always take them to the coffee shop when we go.

Evan is doing really well in his horse lessons. We are currently exploring options to buy land to get a horse or maybe board a horse. And by “horse”, I mean two horses. Because, what fun is one horse?

Last week I took our dog to the DQ drive-through. I got her a small dish of vanilla and let her lick it on the way home. Except she got confused and thought it was naughty so she kept doing it really fast then looking away.

Other than that, I’ve been busy planning our new teacher orientation at work and working on the 5k that I organize (it’s this weekend!!). I got our age-group medals today. They’re pretty awesome!!

And running, yes, I still do that sometimes. 😉 I’m just not in the training mood this summer so I’ve just been running 3-4 miles for fun every other day or so, and that’s okay in my book!

What are you doing with your summer days? Does back to school time signal the end of summer for everyone or just teachers & kids?


Have you ever had to stop running because you were laughing so hard you couldn’t even walk? I know I’ve had many a good laugh while running but tonight was the funniest and the longest.

Lori, Myra, and I were running around town. So funny that now when I say “running around town” I mean literally, RUNNING AROUND TOWN. Like, running a big loop, around town. 25 years ago it meant “driving or walking around town looking for cute boys.” But that is only a little funny. Not bend over laughing funny.

Anyhow, just over a mile in, we were deep conversation. We had just crossed a raised railroad crossing, and Myra and I were looking down at the ground because it was steep and uneven. When I looked up, I saw a middle-school-aged boy running towards us in the grass. It startled me at first because I thought something was running AT us, but he was just running in the grass rather than the sidewalk, because, I don’t know, pre-teen boy. I stopped and gasped, and maybe I said something like, “Oh!” I don’t remember.

After hearing my reaction, Myra looked up and was also startled, only she stopped and screamed really loudly. We all started laughing so hard that we couldn’t even stand up.

Actually typing this all out I can see that it probably isn’t that funny to you. Maybe I’m a bad storyteller (likely) or maybe you just had to be there, but it was hysterical. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. When I came home and saw my Garmin data, I laughed all over again because the area we stopped was very clear.

Then, Myra was trying to finish her slightly-serious story and Lori and I kept bursting out laughing. That mile split wasn’t exactly a good one. But the mile itself was awesome. We declared it an ab workout.

I commonly listen to the You Made It Weird podcast with Pete Holmes. He usually asks, at the end of his interviews, “What’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed?” I think I’ve laughed this hard before, but not for a long time.

Have you ever had to stop running to laugh? When’s the last time you laughed really hard?

Versatile Blogger

Yesterday Meagan nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Here are the “rules”:

About the Versatile Blogger Award:

It is for those blogs that bring something special to your life. In picking your nominees, you are to consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

The Rules:

Answer the questions you have been given, nominate 10(ish) other bloggers and give them their own set of questions to answer.

And here are the questions Meagan asked and my answers:

1. What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?
I grew up in a very outdoorsy family–hiking, camping, picnics, all of that. I am NOT very outdoorsy and I really do not enjoy those things much. I do like the occasional hike, but I consider it exercise and not leisure. And camping: that is NOT a vacation. Evan loves all of those things. I always joke that the outdoor gene skips a generation.

2. What is one place on your must-see travel bucket list?
I’ve never seen the ocean (flew over it once but wasn’t actually THERE). Someday soon, I want to go!

3. What is your current favorite song?
I like a few songs by Hozier right now. I don’t ever buy music or listen to it on an iPod, but I do listen to an acoustic station on satellite radio and I like the Hozier songs on there.

4. What is your favorite distance to run?
Four to six miles is happy to me. Less than four and it seems too easy; more than six and I start to get bored. Most of my runs are in the 3-4 mile range though.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Well, probably doing very much what I’m doing right now, although maybe with one less kid at home (Evan will be 21). Campbell will be 15 so I may be going crazy at that point. I’ve said that I might switch careers when Campbell is a teen because teaching is becoming way too political, but we’ll see how I’m feeling at that point!

6. How many pets do you have?
I guess it depends if you call our “stray cat” a pet. If you do, then we have one cat and one dog. And three fish in the pond.

7. What would you sing at Karaoke night?
I’ve never actually sung Karaoke, not even in my wilder college days, and I don’t exactly plan to.

8. What is your favorite movie?
Elf. Duh.

9. When is your birthday?
March 27! I’m an Aries. I’ve VERY Aries. Here’s a short list:

Aries Strength Keywords:

– Independent
– Generous
– Optimistic
– Enthusiastic
– Courageous
Aries Weakness Keywords:

– Moody
– Short tempered
– Self-involved
– Impulsive
– Impatient

The full list is here: Aries. I think it describes me quite well. Being an only child + an Aries…not always a good thing.

10. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three objects would you bring with you?
Can I get a cell signal? If so, my phone. And my bed because I do love my bed a lot. Many nights I thank God for my bed (for real). My bed is nothing special, but I am so thankful for a clean comfortable bed. Do you know how many people in this world don’t have that? The third thing…hmm…I suppose a good book.

There you go! If you are reading this, I think you should play along and answer the following questions in your own blog post. I can’t link people up because that is stressful to me. What if I leave someone out who really wanted to do it or include someone who’s not interested? THE PRESSURE.

1. What is your favorite restaurant?
2. What is a book you’ve read more than once?
3. What is your favorite time of day?
4. If you could only keep one electrical/electronic device, what would it be? (phone, computer, dishwasher, etc.)
5. What is your favorite feature? (on your own body)
6. Who is one person that is inspirational to you in some way?
7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?
8. What is your favorite time of day?
9. How do you like your coffee? (I’m running out of ideas and I’m having a cup of coffee right now)
10. What was your favorite subject in school?