A Great Day

Sorry about my pity party post from Wednesday but thanks for the support! I ended up going on a treadmill run that night and I felt SO much better afterwards. Thursday night, I ran trails with a friend, and nothing clears the mind more than a trail run! Friday night, we just got busy doing STUFF, nothing special, and around 8:30 I realized I should have run. I forced myself on the treadmill and once again was so happy I did.

I’ve come to the realization that I love going to bed on the nights I run. I feel physically drained, but in a good way, super clean from a recent shower, and ready to SLEEP. On my running nights, I crawl into bed, and literally the first thing I think is, “I love my bed”! Then, I start going through my normal bedtime prayers, but I often don’t make it too far. That’s okay; falling asleep talking to God is like falling asleep talking to a friend at a slumber party x 1000000.

It’s 11:51 p.m. now so most likely a run will not happen today. That’s okay. After 3 days in a row it’s time for some rest. I was busy doing Easter bunny things after we got home from the zoo at 9:30. Yes, the ZOO! You know the best time to go to the zoo? The spring & fall! The animals are so active and it’s pleasant walking around when you aren’t dying of heat stroke. A few of the animals were a bit…ahem…too active if you know what I mean. Especially the lions. Evan almost CLEP’d out of the birds & the bees talk. Wait, maybe that would’ve been good. Darn that female lion for snarling and chasing away her man! As she did that, some guy in the crowd said, “They must be married!” Haha!

Since we aren’t able to get together on Easter, I met my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and their twins (my only niece & nephew) at the zoo.
My nephew wants no one but Evan when we are together.

Luckily, my sweet niece is always reaching for me! She makes my day 1000 times over every time we’re together. Campbell’s face here pretty much sums up our day:

The weather was perfect, the kids were all good, and we had a super fun time. I needed today! I didn’t think of any of the things that are stressing me out the whole time I was there.

What made you happy today? Do you sleep better on the days that you run?


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Excuses, Excuses and Stress, Stress

I’m having one of those crazy busy weeks–both at work and at home. I’m not fitting in runs, and while I feel guilt about that, I know that sometimes I just have to let a few days go by. That being said, I really need a run right now. I’m feeling very on edge and stressed out. I keep noticing that my stomach muscles are clenched tight. I remind myself to relax, but then the next time I notice they are clenched again.

I tend to go through anxiety cycles like this that are usually spurred by a combination of stressful activities happening close to the same time. I walk around constantly feeling tense. While most people are prone to eating more at times like this, for me, my appetite is the first to go. I haven’t been hungry for several days now. I guess this will help me shed the extra pounds I picked up over the winter! I hate these stressful times though because I know stress is really hard on your body. Stressing over being stressed sure doesn’t help, though! For me, to-do lists (and checking things off) and keeping as organized as I can helps. And running of course.

The other thing I’ve noticed today is that I’m so TIRED. After a couple of days of no running, it’s amazing the fatigue I feel. How does burning extra energy somehow create extra energy for the rest of the day? Last night, I would have fallen asleep in the car on the way home from gymnastics had I not been driving, and today at school I was dragging.

I’m hoping after Evan’s soccer practice and dinner and getting groceries I can squeeze a run in on the treadmill before I grade a bunch of student papers (really docs as it’s all computer). Chris is at a board meeting tonight so it will have to be treadmill run or none.

Do you feel yourself going through stressful cycles like this? What are your stress remedies? Do you feel more tired when you can’t run?


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High Maintenance Hair?

Are you high maintenance with your hair? I do not consider myself to be a high-maintenance hair person. If it takes more than 10 minutes, I don’t like to do it. Remember my 30-day Hair Challenge?

However, I have naturally-curly hair, which requires some very specific handling to avoid the electrocution look. Here’s my run-down in case you’re dying to know:

1. Wash & Condition with Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner.

2. *this is important* DO NOT TOWEL DRY. I flip my hair over my head, dry my body, and then kind of squeeze my hair with a towel. NO RUBBING and NO TURBAN. If my hair gets too dry or two ruffled without product on it, it’s disastrous. This step and the next make more of a difference than any of the other steps.

3. Immediately slather on lots of Frizz Ease Mousse. Sometimes my hair is drippy at this point because I don’t towel dry it. If so, I squeeze it with a towel again. NO RUBBING.

4. I get dressed, eat breakfast, and do my thing for a bit while I let my hair air-dry. Then, I dry it with a diffuser. There are lots of ways to use a diffuser, but I do something like this (photo source here):

The key to my hair curling nicely is I have to let it dry without being ruffled. The diffuser allows that.

5. Scrunch and spray with this:

It takes me about 10 minutes total as most. Straightening my hair is a whole different system that maybe I’ll cover another time! Are you a high-maintenance hair person? What’s your product line-up? Are you picky like me?


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