The Perfection Combination and Unlimited Money

Thursday night I discovered the perfect combination. I ran at 5 p.m. Campbell came along on her bike (in an outfit of her own choosing).

I quickly came home and took a shower. Then, I went to restorative yoga. For 90 minutes, we did poses along the lines of this:

It was so perfect. Normally when we do restorative yoga, I can’t completely relax because my mind is racing. However, immediately after running, I’m physically worn down and I totally relax. It was amazing. I need to remember to run before every restorative session.

I told my yoga teacher that I wish I had time to do restorative yoga after every run. Of course, I do not, but I could do 5-10 minutes of a pose or two. I’m still doing my leg up the wall pose, which is considered restorative even though my intent is stretching. When I do that pose, I am usually skimming Instagram and not truly relaxing. I might take a little longer set-up next time and try to fully relax.

This led me to wonder how my running would be different if I had unlimited money. First off, I probably wouldn’t work. I adore my job, but let’s face it, I would not exactly do it for free. So if money was not an object, I would probably not work. This would give me time for a lot of things. Here are the running-related things I’d do if money was not an object:
1. Run almost daily
2. Follow each run with a guided restorative yoga/meditation session
3. Follow that with a massage
4. Visit the chiropractor at least once a week, maybe twice
5. Have a stride analysis
6. Have a personal chef to do my shopping and make healthy meals
7. Have a hundred pairs of running shoes displayed on the wall like a running store. With outfits displayed on hangers ready to go together, like at the running store.

This would leave me plenty of time to hang out with my kids and travel the world and do the other fun things involved with unlimited funds.

In all honesty, if I somehow did acquire a ton of money, I probably wouldn’t do these things. Spending that type of money on running would be crazy wasteful with all of the need going on in this world. I would do something like build a ranch for retired and unwanted racehorses or donate/start another charitable organization, probably animal related. I am not exactly a “living large” type of person. However, it is fun to think about.

Have you ever thought about how your running might change if you weren’t limited by money? Have you tried doing restorative yoga or meditation after a run?

Fairy Gardens

Mother’s Day weekend, the kids and I went to the greenhouse to buy a few plants for the yard. And then we got distracted by all of the fairy things and spent a million dollars buying things to make fairy gardens. It was not money I regret spending. We had so much fun making them.

This is Campbell’s. I helped her with the execution but she picked everything out & designed it herself.

Evan did most of his on his own.

Finished product:

I made myself this one. I have it at work.

We gave this one to Campbell’s babysitter.

We actually made two more the next weekend, and except for plants, we have things to make even more. Fairy gardens are such a fun way to use up old pots!

Have you tried making a fairy garden?

Timex Factory Team

I’m not trying to brag (okay I am), but I think my husband looks especially hunky in this picture.

This year he is on the Timex Factory Team. I am not exactly sure what is all involved with being on that team but I do love the outfit! :)

He will be doing mountain bike and Xterra triathlons for the Factory Team, but in that pic he’s headed out on a training ride.