Favorite Gift Guesses

It’s always hard to figure out what my kids’ favorite gifts are going to be. It’s rarely the thing they asked for the most and it’s not always a “big” gift. I guess I am the same way…sometimes I don’t even realize how much I wanted something (or that I wanted it at all) until I have it.

Last year, Campbell’s most expensive and most asked for gift was the Bitty Twins.

But her favorite gift was an inexpensive Doc McStuffins doll (it was not that much last year).

The gift that has stood the test of time is this horse for her American Girls from her aunt. Doc McStuffins only lasted about 6 months but she still plays with this horse a lot.

She also plays with her Playmobil ranch a lot, but not as much as the horse.

Last year, Evan’s most asked for and expensive gift was a train engine.

But the gift that was his favorite and the one that stood the test of time was this bike jersey & shorts.

But these ramps are pretty cool too. He uses them a lot in the summer.

This year, I have no idea what their favorites will be. Evan doesn’t have one big thing that he’s super excited about. Campbell is talking about “a toy kitty that moves.”

Who knows if that will be a gift to stand the test of time or even a favorite!

When you were a kid, or with your kids, is/was the most-asked for gift the favorite? I could have saved SO much money over the years if I could predict this!

Holiday Portraits

In the midst of last Sunday’s cookie extravaganza, we did holiday portraits of the kids. And by “portrait” I mean, “sit your butt in front of the Christmas tree and pretend like you’re happy about it until I’m satisfied with the picture I take.” I ended up with two good ones of Evan:

Took a few tries to get one of both kids (actually a LOT more tries than this but it does get better every year).

And the winner:

Let us reminisce (and by “us” I mean “me”). Last year:










Christmas Cookies

Last weekend we had our annual Christmas-cookies making day! We don’t often make cookies, and other than Christmas we never really make sugar cut-out cookies, so this is always [mostly] fun.

We made chocolate-dipped Oreo balls

And then gluten free shortbread

(There was a mishap with this batch involving Campbell, an egg, and a newly chipped custard dish. After finding one cookie with glass this batch had to be tossed. And after crunching glass in a cookie I’m pretty sure I no longer like this type of cookie).

Moving on to sugar cookies. My mother-in-law’s recipe is my favorite.

Campbell was ready to go in last year’s Christmas dress and her apron.

She can run the mixer now so she feels like big stuff.

We also made cake pops (which are a heck of a lot of work).

Oreo balls, 2 kinds of cut-out cookies, and cake pops take about 3.5 hours to make if you’re keeping track. Other than the dishes and a few squabbles, it’s mostly fun.

What are your favorite cookies during the holidays? Do you have a special time to make them every year?