Whirlwind Week

I know I am always saying this but last week was very very busy. I had so many meetings to remember to go to that I kept my Google calendar open most of the day so I could keep checking it. My after-school life wasn’t as bad, but when I have meetings during my prep hour and after school most days, that means I have to make that time up in the evening.

We still had time for fun, though.Last night, our running group got together to have cake and dinner (well in reverse order) for my Coast Guard friend (the anchor fell off so we had to do surgery hence the strange look).

The only thing we do better than running is celebrating. And Lori was super surprised which was amazingly fun.

This morning Evan had his conference swim meet. It was about an hour away. After June he’ll be 11 and swimming in the afternoon session instead of the morning one. I can’t decide if that will be better or worse. Getting up at 5 a.m. (or earlier) is tough, but at least we’re home shortly after noon for most meets.

Meanwhile, Campbell was home with Daddy. She has a cough and a fever. :(

Praise God for Netflix and Disney Jr. Seriously, that is a prayer of thanks. She pretty much watched TV the WHOLE DAY except for the times she was napping. I remember being a kid watching the Price is Right and soap operas. We lived in the boonies and didn’t even have cable. Or a remote for that matter. We got a VCR when I was a freshman in high school and that was a BIG DEAL. Then, when we moved off the farm the next year we got cable, too. Now, my kids know nothing other than a DVD player, DVR, and cable TV. I don’t think we had Netlix until Evan was a little older, but Campbell has had it her whole life. My kids both are used to just deciding what they want to see and turning it on. There’s very little channel flipping. Isn’t that strange?

How old were you when you first experienced, or do you even have, cable/satellite TV, a VCR or DVD, and streaming TV like Netflix or Hulu? When is the last time you had a cook celebratory cake?

Pre-Run vs. Run Feelings

Have you ever noticed there is really no connection at all between how you are feeling before a run and how the run actually goes? I’ve had times where I felt really pumped and great about going out for a run and then felt sluggish and slow the whole way. Other times (many times actually), I have felt tired and horrible and then had a great run.

Last night, it was cold, windy, and dark. I am fighting off a cold (thanks Campbell) and the couch felt sooooo nice. Getting up to put on my running clothes seemed way too overwhelming. I couldn’t even process the thought of actually running. However, I had plans to meet up with two running buddies that are also really great friends. I wanted to see them, so I dragged myself up and out the door.

I turned out to be a great run. Even though we started out slow and ended slow due to a snowy stretch of sidewalk, our average pace was 9:49 and I felt really strong and energetic the whole way. I could have run faster. And of course, the conversation was great and it was mentally recharging to hang out with two of my favorite people for 40 minutes. After the run, I felt 100 times better than before I went.

Does this happen to you? I always remind myself of this phenomena when I don’t want to run. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been sorry to have gone, so I try to make myself head out even when I’m not feeling it.

Oh, and I haven’t completely given up on my something interestings. I did a few lunges last night. They really make my legs/hips feel great the next day.

Random Pictures Because That’s All I’ve Got Today

I’m not feeling very creative today so how about a post of random pics I downloaded off my phone.

I came home from St. Louis to find that one of my student’s parents had put this wreath on my door and left a nice little note in my mailbox. It was so nice! And before you get all freaky thinking about a parent knowing where I live and leaving something at my house, let me just remind you: SMALL TOWN.

Saturday I got Campbell’s kindergarten registration paperwork in the mail. LUMP IN THROAT. I just cannot imagine my little Campbell at that big school.

I did have some fun with a few questions like, for “How much T.V. does your child watch?” I wrote “too much” and when it asked “What are things that cause your child to have a tantrum?” I wrote “Her brother!”

The other night Campbell spread newspaper on the floor, then put her animals on it and covered them up with blankets. Don’t ask why…she is always doing random things like this. The cat seemed to think it was A-Okay and wanted to be included.

Another night she found these wooden lips on a stick and said, “These would look perfect with my mermaid costume!” The funniest part is, every time she puts them up to her face, she gets all serious and opens her eyes wide. I think the second shot looks like a mug shot!

I have been running…Sunday I rain trails with a friend and last night I ran the city streets by myself. Last night, it was so bright at 8 p.m. that I actually forgot to turn on my headlamp for awhile. That is one advantage of snow on the ground!

How is your week going? Anyone else freaking out about a child’s milestone or have a cat that does weird things?