HyVee FitKids Triathlon {Quad Cities}

Evan did a local kids’ triathlon today. The distances are really short–100 yd. swim, 4 mile bike, and 1k run, but he still had fun. The HyVee kids’ triathlons are cool because everything is exactly like an adult triathlon. Except maybe 100 times as many volunteers out on the course. Like every 5 feet (no exaggeration). No worries about kids getting lost or needing help out there!

Our morning started out rough because we got there and Evan realized he forgot his goggles (big problem) and his sandals (small problem). Luckily, my mom was planning on coming but hadn’t left yet, so she brought his goggles. After setting up the transition, he just walked around barefoot. Here he is right before the swim:

No pics of the swim because I decided to be at the transition area instead. Had I watched the swim, I wouldn’t have had time to get to the transition. Running into T1:

And out:

We had a big discussion (argument) about whether or not he should wear his biking shoes. Chris talked him out of it, convincing him that the time he’d save by wearing biking shoes (they clip in) would not be worth the time spent changing shoes in such a short race. He biked really hard.

Headed out on the run:

All done! He got 12th overall and 3rd in his age group. His goal was top 10 overall and first in his age group, so he’s mad about that. However, I reminded him that the triathlon wasn’t a lot of local kids–it was mostly kids who travel all over for this type of thing. They have tri suits and time trial bikes and many belong to tri clubs. Plus, he has taken the summer off swimming and he hasn’t done a triathlon in two years! I think he did extremely well given those factors.

Have you ever been to a youth triathlon? The energy is great! Although, I must admit the parents are a wee bit nutso crazy. I was telling Chris apparently our kids aren’t as important as some of the other kids there because people stepped right in front of me to see their kid like 100 times. Geez!

This and That

I am bored with my daily photos. I did the mile-a-day and the hair-a-day and the photo-a-day…I think I just need some pressure-free days for awhile, okay? I still have several fun photos to share.

This week, I showed Campbell how to play Hi Ho Cherry-O. It was the first “board” game Evan ever learned to play, too. She doesn’t completely get it, but she’s getting better. She does love it. It’s really impossible to resist when she gets the game and says innocently, “Wiw you pway wip me?”

I know it looks like she and Evan are playing so cute together here but they’re not. They’re fighting and I just happened to snap an in-between shot that looks peaceful. That’s the beauty of still images. Evan is bossy and controlling and can’t quite handle it when Campbell wants to put the blueberry basket in the apples spot or put the oranges on the blueberry tree. I try to tell him it doesn’t matter which tree or which berries or which basket spot, but he can’t do it. By the looks of this photo, he’s put them all in the right places, which means she’s about to move them around again.

The kids try to do puzzles. Evan was a bit less of a control freak here because he was also watching T.V. Look how long his legs are!

Evan drew this picture of Ronald Morgan (book character) in school and I think it’s cute and funny (as is my magnet).

Campbell loves piggy banks. After breaking two, she finally acquired this Little Tykes one that is more durable.

Chili is one of my favorite meals and so easy to make! I put a huge pile of sugar and cheese on mine. I always crave chili on the first few cold days of fall. We actually turned the heat on last weekend!

Evan and I made Chris a welcome-home sign and hung it on the garage. He didn’t get home until about 11:30 on Sunday night, but he still liked it.

This is his Enve Performer of the Year award. It has a little base that lights up. Very cool!

His more valuable gift was a set of wheels from Enve. Here’s a fun article about it: Xterra Performer of the Year.

Campbell took one of Chris’s swim caps, put it on, and crawled around on the floor saying, “I swimmin’!” She was wearing my shoes on her feet (flippers?) but they fell off.

Evan is really coming along with his reading this year. He reads at least one book every night. Right now, he’s reading all of the Little Bear books. They’re such sweet little stories. He used to adore that show when he was 3 or 4, but he doesn’t remember that.

Chris turned 40 this week! He looks even better at 40 than he did at 20. Well, I didn’t know him at 20, but I think he was 24 or 25 when I met him and he looks just as good as he did then. Athletes have to be pretty open about their age which is why I’ve decided to broadcast it to the world here. Evan and Campbell opened his present for him (excuse the scattering of flashcards in the back).

Today we went to Target and Home Depot in search of goods to make Evan’s Halloween costume. I don’t want to post a picture in case it doesn’t turn out. He might have to be something with a store-bought plastic mask after all, haha. We found some very detailed directions online but they require things like spray glue, insulation, speaker mesh, etc. We found maybe half of the stuff. We need to make a trip to the craft store and also consult with Daddy. I’m already overwhelmed and we haven’t even started on it yet. Evan used his own money from the fair premiums and some other things to buy himself a new Lego. That was a lot simpler purchase than the Halloween costume goods.

2012 Xterra National Championships {Ogden, Utah}

Chris raced at Xterra Nationals yesterday. Even though he’s had a great season and we say things like winning is just icing on the cake (which it is), the reality is, he really wanted to win. Of course, he always wants to win, but he has never won at nationals and wanted it to happen this year. He caught a cold a couple of weeks ago and his energy hasn’t returned, so he was pretty nervous going in.

Friday night at the pre-race banquet, he was awarded the Xterra Athlete of the Year, which was so exciting (and well deserved). He’s raced seven times this year and won seven times (6 overall and 1 4th overall at UTI Worlds). He won a really nice set of Enve wheels. This award is only given to one athlete, so it’s a really amazing honor.

Here are the Midwestern regional age-group champs:

One of his friend’s wife was there spectating and snapping pictures the whole while, posting them to my Facebook. I just adore Facebook, don’t you? I’m so grateful for these images.

He was in 11th overall after the swim.

Here he is on the bike. Not sure where or when. It looks like maybe right out of T1?

This image is from Xterra’s Facebook page. He’s right behind the women’s pro leader.

And finally, running down a big ski slope to the finish.

He looks tired! The altitude is so killer for those that train here at a few hundred feet.

He ended up in 7th overall and first in his age group, so a national win (the big races are all age group for amateurs–no special honor for overall wins). Mission accomplished!

The pros ran the same course, and if he raced pro, he would have gotten 15th overall. That’s a very respectable finish, too! He has no desire to turn pro, but knowing he can compete among the top pros is pretty awesome.

There’s a highlights video here:

We are so proud of him and anxious for his return tonight!