Well, Hello!

No matter how much time passes, when you get together with an old friend, it feels completely comfortable, like you were never apart. Let’s pretend that’s happening here on the blog, okay? We are old friends after all.

My goal for the month has been to run 5 times a week, with the first four runs being an average of 40 minutes and the 5th run being long. I am doing great with 5 days a week. You can see on my Strava summary that I’ve run 5 days every week for 4 weeks now (the 4th week is only 4 runs because the 5th run will happen today).

However, based on the time, you can see that I only hit my long runs the first two weeks. Last weekend, I was simply too busy…I mean, I just didn’t MAKE time. This weekend, I just am not sure I’m feeling it. We’ll see how I feel later today when I head out. I do love getting those long runs in!

In other news, I’m currently obsessing over finding a pair of short boots that don’t bankrupt me. I cannot get past these boots:

They really want me to love them. Can’t you see them calling my name? However, I hate spending money on trendy shoes. I’m looking for a cheaper alternative. I just haven’t had any luck yet.

Last night, I took both kids shopping and we went to five stores. I seriously think I should be able to put that on Strava as a long run. I did get a leather Coach purse at Salvation Army last night for $3 so that made me feel a little better. Campbell found a really ugly red velour dress for $2. We bought it after making the agreement that it would be a dress up dress and not a leave-the-house dress. She loves it so much she changed into it IN THE CAR. Last night. And she hasn’t taken it off since, even to sleep.

Evan found a nice shirt too and I got Campbell a pair for Keen sandals for next year for $2. Salvation Army is so much fun!

Last night, a store near us had a grand opening, and they had this “Horse Whisperer” guy there. I decided the only difference between him and any other horse trainer is that he puts on a microphone and charges people a lot more. I’ve seen the horse trainer at our barn do very similar things with way less accolades.

Two weeks ago, I did a 10-mile trail run, and the leaves were so stunning. Unfortunately my cell phone camera just doesn’t capture the color.

I’m sure it’s even better today!

What is up in your world? Do you think shopping should be logged into your workout log?

Long Trail Run

Yesterday I did an 8 mile trail run, which was my longest run in quite some time. I did an 8-mile road run a month or two ago, but 8 miles on the trail is a lot harder than 8 miles on the road. The funny thing is 8 trail miles feels a lot easier than 8 road miles, even though it takes way longer. I’m not sure if it’s because the dirt is a lot easier on your body or because the scenery is a lot easier on your eyes or both.

I saw more people than I ever have. I guess I’m not the only one who loves the woods this time of year! Right off the bat, I saw a woman and her husband, and I nearly gave them a heart attack. I actually ran off the trail in an effort to crunch more leaves and make noise, but they still didn’t hear me. What is the right thing to do, yell something like “coming up behind you”? I always feel bad when I scare people.

Around mile 3, I saw four women riding horses. One of them was leading a pony with a saddle on (I’m assuming to train it). They asked if I wanted a ride back. The funny thing is, I saw them again at the end of my run. They had gone 3 miles since I’d seen them and I’d gone 5. Horses are not exactly speed demons on trail rides.

I saw two moms with their daughters, and then towards the end, my yoga instructor and her dog.

I basically did a loop around the whole park. I could have made my run longer by taking every little off-shoot loop, but 8 was good enough for me.

The east side of the park is an area I don’t often run. There’s a few sections where you run alongside a farm field in the grass, and I hate those sections. It’s worth it, though, because part of it is in a really pretty valley.

Shortly after leaving that area, I saw a few wild turkeys. Can you see them?

This is one of my favorite sections of trail, which is right behind the campground.

Right at the end of the 8 miles was a really hard downhill (as in hard to run down it’s so steep) and a really hard uphill. I tried to take a picture, but hills never look hard in pictures, do they!?

Next weekend, I will try 9 or 10. Woohoo! I’m really hoping the trails stay runable on the weekends for along time!

8 Miles

My running group is training for a half marathon right now, and even though I am not, I went for a long run with them yesterday. They had planned 8.5 miles. My plan was to run 5 or 6 and then bail. I ended up running 8 miles! I was pretty surprised at how good it felt. It didn’t feel GREAT, but it didn’t feel horrible either. Not any worse than any other long run. Going slow and good conversation definitely helped.

The reason I’m shocked it didn’t feel worse is I’ve been running mostly 3-4 mile runs this summer. I just looked back at my Garmin data, and I ran 5.6 miles on July 12 and 6 miles on June 6. Other than those two not-really-long runs, everything else has been in the 3-4 mile range with one or two 5-milers thrown in. I know it’s pretty easy to add two miles on to whatever your body is used to, but I didn’t realize I could double my normal length.

One thing that did happen was I was SO hungry the last couple of miles in the run. That rarely happens–usually I feel sickish and have to force myself to eat the rest of the day. I guess between the run & not eating as much as normal last week due to a stressful week, I was just hungry! I stopped by the gas station for a frozen drink and ended up with a few other snacks. And I ate them all.

Another thing that happened, which has happened to me before after really humid long runs, is my skin felt like sandpaper when I cooled off. I licked it just out of curiosity. It tasted like licking a block of salt. And yes, I know what licking a block of salt tastes like because every girl who grew up on a cow farm does. Trust me on this.

In other news, last night Campbell and I played Memory and she beat me AGAIN. I seriously cannot figure out how she remembers where the cards are.

Today is my last free Monday for many weeks. We’ll be relaxing!

Have you ever licked your skin after running? What is the most you’ve increased your regular mileage (per run)?