Train Update

We’ve made some progress on the train in the basement. I can safely say “we” this time because since the last update, I went to the train store once (with a specific list) and I ordered two things (with guidance) on I totally can claim part of this now.

Evan got this engine for Christmas. It’s a cool one because most of the engines that come through the tracks that run through our town look exactly like it–flag and all.

It lights up and makes realistic engine noises.

We still have to paint/weather this building to make it look realistic, but it’s in position.

After two trips to the train store last weekend, we now have the control system all set up. I don’t know much about it except it has lots of buttons and it cost a lot.

It plugs into these ports–there are two on the track.

Evan is very good at it. It’s just a bunch of buttons and random numbers to me.

This engine is a little switcher but it gets used for everything at our house.

Last weekend, Chris and Evan made trees. This involves weed-looking sticks that we bought but I really think we could find on the prairie, and a bunch of glue and green fluff.

They look good.

Tools! Plus, some store-bought trees. You can see how much better the homemade ones are.

Here’s a second switcher engine that isn’t being used as a switcher yet (we’re waiting for a piece to get the yard finished).

Trying to do some panning here but it was fast!

Pull-back of the finished section of table:

Close-up of the curve in the valley:

All of the track on the finished side now has ballast.

Here’s the unfinished side of the track. It will be tackled next. Not exactly sure what it will turn into yet.

So I’m downstairs taking pictures of the set and Campbell said, “Take a pitch-chure of me doin’ funny face!”

She’s a ham!!