Well, Hello!

No matter how much time passes, when you get together with an old friend, it feels completely comfortable, like you were never apart. Let’s pretend that’s happening here on the blog, okay? We are old friends after all.

My goal for the month has been to run 5 times a week, with the first four runs being an average of 40 minutes and the 5th run being long. I am doing great with 5 days a week. You can see on my Strava summary that I’ve run 5 days every week for 4 weeks now (the 4th week is only 4 runs because the 5th run will happen today).

However, based on the time, you can see that I only hit my long runs the first two weeks. Last weekend, I was simply too busy…I mean, I just didn’t MAKE time. This weekend, I just am not sure I’m feeling it. We’ll see how I feel later today when I head out. I do love getting those long runs in!

In other news, I’m currently obsessing over finding a pair of short boots that don’t bankrupt me. I cannot get past these boots:

They really want me to love them. Can’t you see them calling my name? However, I hate spending money on trendy shoes. I’m looking for a cheaper alternative. I just haven’t had any luck yet.

Last night, I took both kids shopping and we went to five stores. I seriously think I should be able to put that on Strava as a long run. I did get a leather Coach purse at Salvation Army last night for $3 so that made me feel a little better. Campbell found a really ugly red velour dress for $2. We bought it after making the agreement that it would be a dress up dress and not a leave-the-house dress. She loves it so much she changed into it IN THE CAR. Last night. And she hasn’t taken it off since, even to sleep.

Evan found a nice shirt too and I got Campbell a pair for Keen sandals for next year for $2. Salvation Army is so much fun!

Last night, a store near us had a grand opening, and they had this “Horse Whisperer” guy there. I decided the only difference between him and any other horse trainer is that he puts on a microphone and charges people a lot more. I’ve seen the horse trainer at our barn do very similar things with way less accolades.

Two weeks ago, I did a 10-mile trail run, and the leaves were so stunning. Unfortunately my cell phone camera just doesn’t capture the color.

I’m sure it’s even better today!

What is up in your world? Do you think shopping should be logged into your workout log?

6 Weeks of LeTotes {a review}

Now that I’ve tried LeTote for 6 weeks, I think I can honestly review it. LeTote is basically Netflix for clothes. For $50 a month, you get as many boxes as you want–as soon as you send back your current box, they mail out a new one. My week usually goes like this:
Monday – receive new LeTote box in the mail
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday – wear LeTote items
Thursday night – put LeTote items in the bag, schedule a USPS pick-up
Friday – A few hours after USPS picks up my LeTote package and scans the bar code, I get an email with my new LeTote box contents. I have a day to finalize my box before it is shipped. Usually I just take what they pick out, but sometimes I swap.

Twice my box didn’t arrive until Wednesday, and I’m not sure why. Once was because of Easter, probably, and the second time may have been because my post office didn’t scan the item right away. Either way, I’ve still been able to enjoy a box a week for the past 6 weeks.

Normally these types of posts would include pics of ME in the outfits I got, but there is really nothing that makes me feel more awkward than posing for pictures. So, I will show you the items from the website.

Week 1: Necklace, ring, shirt, dress, leggings.

I didn’t wear the ring (too bulky for my hands) but I loved that necklace. I liked the shirt okay…it was fun to wear but I probably wouldn’t have bought it. It was very lightweight and flowy, but also wrinkled easily. I loved the dress. I never wore the leggings because I have my own pair just like it and mine fit a little better.

Week 2: Shirt, shirt, pencil skirt, necklace, jacket.

I liked the necklace, but I didn’t think it matched the items they sent so I never wore it. I loved the second shirt. The first one was okay. The skirt I never wore because it was spring break and I never dressed up. The jacket was cute too.

Week 3: Dress, dress, shirt, necklace, bracelet.

I did not like the first dress at all. It needed something under it, as it was very low in front (like to my belly button almost). So it either was just plain huge on me or I was supposed to wear it as a jumper. I never wore it. The second dress was cute but it was a weird type of polyester that I didn’t love. I wore it with leggings. I really liked the shirt. It was a thin pinstripe and a very nice fabric. I wore the necklace and bracelet too, but I can’t remember with what.

Week 4: Leggings, dress, dress, bracelet, shirt.

The leggings were fine, but I never wore them because I have my own that fit better. I need to remember to swap items when they want to send me black leggings/pants. The first dress was okay but nothing special. The second dress was a nice color, but it was sweater material, which I didn’t love. I still wore them both, but there weren’t things I’d buy. The bracelet was cute and I honestly have no memory of that shirt at all, so maybe I never wore it.

Week 5: Cardigan, necklace, scarf, skirt, dress, shirt (I got an extra item because the week before a button was missing on one of my items).

I loved that cardigan. You can’t tell in the picture, but you could snap it different ways, like draped across the front (bottom left to top right shoulder, repeat on other side, off to the sides like a v-neck, etc. So cool. I never wore the scarf (weird fabric). I wore the skirt and the shirt together. The shirt was heavy but a soft fabric. It had a cool back…it was long and had like a split in it. I loved that dress. I would’ve purchased the dress and the cardigan but they were both expensive.

Week 6: Dress, skirt, cardigan, necklace, necklace

This was the first tote that I swapped out items before they shipped it. The dress was cute, but a little big on me. The skirt and cardigan were really cute and looked great together. The cardigan is another item I would purchase if I weren’t so cheap. I liked the second necklace a lot. The first I wore, but didn’t adore.

I really love LeTote. Having 2-3 new outfits a week for $50 a month seems pretty economical to me. I have many items in my closet that I keep for variety even though I don’t love them. Due to LeTote, I can really downsize my closet and still have variety. Also, you send the items back unwashed, so it’s a bit less laundry each week. You do need some basics, as most items aren’t full outfits. I’ve worn my leggings and skinny black pants quite a few times with items. However, since I’ve picked items according to taste, most things fit right into my wardrobe. I haven’t purchased any items, and I don’t plan to. The items are much higher quality than I normally wear, and thus more expensive. Renting them is just perfect. You can opt to have items resent if you really like them.

Have you ever tried a clothing rental service? Click HERE to try out LeTote and get a $25 credit (disclaimer: I get a $25 credit too).

Le Tote and a New Way to Eat Fruit Loops and Creativity

Mail order subscription boxes are all the rage now, and this week I signed up for a new (to me) one. Le Tote. It is similar to Stitch Fix in that you are sent a box of clothes. Unlike Stitch Fix, in which you either buy or return the clothes, with Le Tote you wear the clothes and send them back (unwashed)! You can keep the box as long or as short as you want to. I am going to wear each item once and return it ASAP so I get 4 (or even 5 if I time it right) different boxes a month. It’s the same price per month no matter how many boxes you get (around $50). Netflix for clothes! Woot woot! I plan to write a whole post about it at the end of the month when I have a better idea of how I like it.

Every box contains 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories. My first box contained these items:
A necklace (wore this today):

A ring (I need lotion):

A blouse & skinny black pants:

The blouse is long in the back (wore this today):

A dress:

I’m wearing this tomorrow. I never notice how dirty my mirrors are until I use them for selfies!

Meanwhile, Campbell played outside in the snow. I’m not kidding, sadly. We had an inch at least, maybe 2 or 3 right during the a.m. commute Monday. Someone that I work with that has a 30 minute drive said it was the worst driving of the year. A bus even turned over! Geez. Freakin’ spring. Campbell came inside and demanded hot chocolate and a snack. I gave her a handful of fruit loops, and the next thing I know this is happening:

A friend sent us a box of clothes, so Campbell made the box into a “battleship” for herself and Peaches.

Unrelated: Campbell decorated her bedroom window. In case you can’t read, it says “Happy Spring”. I should have taken a new picture today with the ground white in the background! (this is from Saturday)

If only we all had the imagination of kids. I was just wondering over the weekend how come adults don’t play with toys anymore. Is it because we don’t have time? Because, truth be told, I still sort of like playing with some toys. Why do I never sit down and play with them unless I’m playing with the kids?

Have you tried or heard of Le Tote.? Do you still play with toys? If not, do you want to?