Mountain Bike Race I

Evan had his first MTB race of the season on Sunday. He got 3rd in 14 & under (he’s 10).

We hiked to the top of the bluff to find a spot we could watch the racers pass three times.

I noticed that MTB aid stations are sorta unique (tomato juice & celery were there too). I am going about fueling during workouts ALL WRONG.

Campbell tried to pick every dandelion. She wanted to give Evan a bouquet after his race (like she got at the recital) but he wasn’t super excited about that.

Have you ever seen an aid station like THAT? I don’t know if it was for the racers or the volunteers! Or both!

Friendliest Crowd?

A few weeks ago, after a mountain bike race, Chris and I were chatting about which group of racers is the friendliest among the running/cycling/swimming crowd. The reason we started talking about it is the mountain bike crowd is always SO friendly, not only at our local club races but at the ones we’ve traveled to. The offroad triathlons are all amazingly friendly and supportive, as well.

Warning: I am about to stereotype and generalize. I know there are friendly crowds at all types of events and unfriendly crowds at others, but overall, here’s our list of the individual endurance events we have experience with:

Most Friendly Participants/Crowd
1. Mountain Bike Races
2. Offroad Triathlons/Duathlons
3. Cyclocross Races
4. Running Races (road/trail/cross country seem similar)
5. Swim Meets
6. Road Cycling Races
7. Road Triathlons
Least Friendly Participants/Crowd

The attitude around the off-road events is just completely different. You can feel it in the transition/staging area. The road triathletes are SO SERIOUS. Yesterday’s race made me realize that the kids’ races are the about the same ranking as far as the friendly non-nutso parent continuum.

I’m sure some of you will chime in with examples of events near the bottom of my list which were very friendly, and we’ve experienced those too. But overall, that is our list of events that are consistently friendlier than others.

What do you think? Which running/cycling/swimming events are the friendliest?


Yesterday I went a bit crazy in workout land, which is totally unlike me. First off, I ran the Oregon Trail Days Rugged River 5k Run.

I don’t know how you all take pics during races because this is what mine look like:

I will just say that the run was tough! The first mile or so was on roads. We started in a farmer’s field (really) and ran maybe 3/4 mile to the entrance of the park. Here are some pics I took on the shuttle back to the car:

Race start (told you it was a farm field).

Then, we ran through the campground area of the park, where they had their Oregon Trail Days festival set up. It’s not every day you run through tepees.

But then we hit this gravel road that went down, fast. You couldn’t even carry speed with the gravity of the descent because the footing was so uneven. I said to this woman near me, “I hope we don’t run up that!” to which she replied that what we’d run up would be worse. She was right. We ran along the river for a bit, which was a pretty nice single-track trail, and then we went UP. Here’s a picture I snagged off the internet. We started at the top, then ran down by the river (like close enough to touch it), then we ran up and past that statue. And then up a little more. It was so steep in parts!

Here we are after the race:

Then, Lori and I went mountain biking. I didn’t take many pictures because mountain biking takes 100% concentration for me, but here’s a picture I took on our break, in one of the prettiest spots.

Here’s our route! We went about 7.5 miles.

And then, because a race & 80 minutes of biking wasn’t enough, I joined our running group for the long run (part of the half marathon training plan). I had already run 3 in the a.m., so I dropped out at about 5.5 miles (they ran 8).

I felt great during the run, but I’m so sore today! I’m not sure if it was the biking, the crash I took during biking, or just excessive exercise, but today is definitely a rest day!