A Gleeful Treadmill Workout Idea (Pun Intended)

Earlier today (yes two posts in one day!) I wrote about maybe renting a movie and doing a long run on the treadmill. That did not happen. But what did happen was I ran 4.73 miles on the treadmill, which is quite a bit farther than I can normally force myself to do.

I remembered that although I did not love the movie Pitch Perfect, I did love watching it on the treadmill. The songs were a nice change and were fun to run to. This gave me the idea to watch a similar show on Amazon Prime.  I watched Season 3, Episode 1 of Glee (“The Purple Piano Project”). Chris and I had watched some of Season 1 and a bit less of Season 2 of Glee on T.V., so I am familiar with the show and the characters. Apparently I didn’t watch much of season 2, though, because I was confused in some parts.

I decided I would cover up the distance on the treadmill and just run for time. This particular episode of Glee was 43 minutes. I made a goal of running that much time no matter how fast or how slow it turned out to be. The first song was catchy (“We Got the Beat”), so I decided to speed up the treadmill and do a fartlek-like interval until the song ended.

This gave me the idea to do a faster interval every time a song came on. I ran most of the time at 9:30 pace, but I bumped the speed to somewhere between 7:00 and 8:06 pace for all of the songs. I am, however, a bit out of speed shape and I couldn’t hold 7:00 for a whole song. Somehow I used to run a mile at 7:00. Oh well.

This was a nice way to do a workout. I don’t remember the show well enough to know if all episodes are like this, but this particular episode was song-free for a good chunk at the beginning, then had most of the songs in the second half of the show. This lead to a nice warm-up and a pretty tough workout. The episode did end with a song, so I ended up walking around the house a bit to cool down. The other songs in the episode were:
“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”

“It’s Not Unusual”

“Anything Goes”/”Anything You Can Do”

“You Can’t Stop the Beat”

I will definitely watch Glee again on the treadmill (probably not off the treadmill). Even though I’m not captivated by the show, I find it amusing, and the songs are really fun to run to.

Have you ever watched Glee? Do you enjoy watching Glee, Pitch Perfect, or other types of musicals on your treadmill?

Mac & Cheese and Random Things

This week I made homemade mac & cheese. And by “homemade”, I do not mean with Velveeta. I used a recipe with a lot of steps and three “stirring constantly”s. I used two pans, a colander, a bowl, a cheese grater, and a baking dish.

Campbell initially whined and said she wanted “normal” mac & cheese (EasyMac) but after being forced to taste it said it was okay and ate a little.

Chris ate it but said it wasn’t worth so much work.

Evan loved it and thanked me for making it.

I couldn’t even eat it (gluten).

25% success isn’t that bad, right? I had dinner with a friend last night who said 25% on all of her tests in one class in college were enough to get her a “C” in the class because of the curve. I’m going to grade myself on a curve here and say I passed in making this dish for my family. Plus I think I get extra credit for using a recipe with three “stirring constantly”s. One of them was 10 minutes. Seriously? Who wants to stand at the stove for 10 minutes and stir something? Although maybe I should take those 10 points back since I have actually tried a similar recipe before with similar results. Stupid is doing the same thing and expecting different results, right?

In completely unrelated news someone I went to college with is the 2015 Iditarod “Teacher on the Trail”. If you are local–she teachers in Camanche, Iowa. You can read her blog by clicking that link. There’s a lot of great Iditarod lesson plans and ideas.

In more unrelated news I’m not being a good runner this week. I ran 5.something last Sunday and three miles on Tuesday and not since then. I’m just getting weary of dark cold runs. I’ll be back! I might rent a movie today and see how many miles I can get on the treadmill. I am not exactly craving a run but I’m craving that post-long-run-completely-wiped-out feeling. Am I the only one who loves that?

And for my last random topic, do any of you subscribe to the Runner’s World daily quote? (sign up here, over to the right). Sometimes I take screenshots of these quotes and post them to our local running group. Here are a couple of good ones from this week. My times aren’t getting slower yet (I don’t think) but I turn 40 this year. It will happen sometime in the next decade I’m sure.

And I’m way nicer when I run, are you?

Have you ever spent a long time on a new recipe that has flopped with the family/significant others? Do you follow the iditarod? Do motivational running quotes really motivate you?

Netflix Show

I am really struggling to find a Netflix TV series I’m into to motivate me to get on/stay on the treadmill. I don’t really like movies as much. Last night, I watched Friends.

I like the show, but if I’ve already seen a show it doesn’t really grab my attention and hold it during the monotony of the treadmill. I am enjoying Dexter off the treadmill, but it’s too scary to watch in the basement by myself (I’m a wimp).

The Gilmore Girls and Hart of Dixie were so perfect–lighthearted, not scary, fun. Something to look forward to. I loved watching those shows while grading papers, too. Other similar shows I’ve watched on Netflix (or Amazon Prime) over t.he years: Felicity, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood (until Joel and Julia broke up then I was too mad to continue watching), Sex and the City… Shows I’ve tried and abandoned: My Boys, Once, Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Army Wives.

I know I whine about needing shows all the time. I apologize. I’m just so picky about them and what’s a good blog post without a bit of whining? It has to be just right–not too intense, not too scary/gory, not too stressful. I’ll figure it out. Although what would really help is weather a bit warmer and roads a bit less icy! Is it March yet?