Random Wednesday Update

School has started and I’m still trying to figure out how to keep things together. The first week of school is so tiring because I have to be ON 100% of the time. Not that I’m exactly “off” much the rest of the year, but you just have to be so vigilant the first week when the kids are learning the routines of your classroom. Once I get them all trained, I mean taught, on how things run in my room, I can relax a bit and it just kind of flows.

Our evenings have been pretty low-key as we all adjust to getting up and out the door early every day.

With some ramps and a bench from the yard, Evan set up a completely safe little ramp.

There was only 1 mishap.

Most evenings we walk to the park, which we are lucky to have just a block behind our house. The paved loop is about 8/10ths of a mile long–perfect for kiddy bike rides.

Usually our cat walks with us. That’s not weird, right?

The kids ride the “big loop” while I sit on a park bench and look at magazines. It’s really stressful for me as you can imagine.

Last night, an airplane (or drone?) circled the park the WHOLE time we were there. Someone really wanted to look at something.

When I take close-ups of our garden, it actually doesn’t look like a pile of weeds and unsuccessful plants.

The dog is probably enjoying her alone time during the day.

I’ve been running slow & easy every other day. Sunday was a nice run and I wasn’t terribly sore after. That made last night’s run really depressing. I ran maybe 6/10ths of a mile before I gave up and walked the rest of the way. My left leg felt like a dead weight and had no spring. I’ll try again tomorrow. I am not ready to give up on this sport just yet.

I hope you are also enjoying some restful evenings and soaking up the last bit of summer!

Friendliest Crowd?

A few weeks ago, after a mountain bike race, Chris and I were chatting about which group of racers is the friendliest among the running/cycling/swimming crowd. The reason we started talking about it is the mountain bike crowd is always SO friendly, not only at our local club races but at the ones we’ve traveled to. The offroad triathlons are all amazingly friendly and supportive, as well.

Warning: I am about to stereotype and generalize. I know there are friendly crowds at all types of events and unfriendly crowds at others, but overall, here’s our list of the individual endurance events we have experience with:

Most Friendly Participants/Crowd
1. Mountain Bike Races
2. Offroad Triathlons/Duathlons
3. Cyclocross Races
4. Running Races (road/trail/cross country seem similar)
5. Swim Meets
6. Road Cycling Races
7. Road Triathlons
Least Friendly Participants/Crowd

The attitude around the off-road events is just completely different. You can feel it in the transition/staging area. The road triathletes are SO SERIOUS. Yesterday’s race made me realize that the kids’ races are the about the same ranking as far as the friendly non-nutso parent continuum.

I’m sure some of you will chime in with examples of events near the bottom of my list which were very friendly, and we’ve experienced those too. But overall, that is our list of events that are consistently friendlier than others.

What do you think? Which running/cycling/swimming events are the friendliest?

Fair Money Update

Yesterday I posted that the county fair is in town. We all know what a money suck the fair can be. This year, I made a decision to draw the line. I paid for their entry for the week ($6 for Evan, free for Campbell) and a “megaband”, which allows them unlimited rides from 1-9 p.m. every day ($45 each). I also bought them lunch one day (yesterday). Then, I gave each kid $40 and said they could spend it on whatever they wanted (games, food, etc.) but when it was gone, they weren’t getting any more.

At first, it seemed like Campbell was going to blow through hers in 5 seconds, but she did pretty well after an initial splurge. She played two games first.

“This cost me $6!”

Then, she paid $4 to go through this long blow-up obstacle course.

She spent $5 on the world’s worst video of a puppet show she saw.

And the rest of the time she rode rides with her friends.

Evan was a little more cautious but was tempted by this game. It only takes a quarter but he blew through $10 in short order (That’s my dad).

Then, Evan found a friend to run around with and this friend happens to be a GIRL. He paid for himself and for her to go through the obstacle course. (I actually typed “obstacle curse” the first time which is funnier.)

He must’ve done something else that I forgot because he ended up with $20 at the end of the day and Campbell ended up with $22. Although now I’m wondering if I switched their $ and Campbell has $20 and he has $22. Oh dear. And here I thought my two-separate-pockets idea was so ingenious.

My mom took the kids to the fair today, and Campbell played one more game, but Evan didn’t spend any money. We’ll see how tomorrow goes!

In running news, I went to the doctor on Tuesday and tried running again last night. I ran a nice & easy 6 miles and it actually felt nearly normal, with just a tiny bit of pain. I feel a little sore today, but not bad. I’m definitely only running every other day at the most until things feel better! I’m not better, but I’m feeling encouraged that a recovery may be on the near horizon.