Mini Honey at the Street Fair

Our local coffee shop had an outdoor street fair with vendors, food, art, and live music. It was so much fun!

Evan found some Thai food:

Campbell found the TREATS.

She loves the owner of the coffee shop so much!

And I found the cutest thing ever–a teeny tiny bottle of honey! I realized once I uploaded the picture that I should’ve tossed something next to it for a size reference. Like a dollar at a crime scene. I’d guess it’s only about 2 ounces, and it will fit in my SpiBelt. Run fuel! I’ve used honey straws and I love them, but I have to eat several per run. This little teeny honey will be perfect for a slurp here & there on my long runs. I can’t wait to try it!

Even better–it’s local honey. Yum!

Update on yesterday’s long run: no runner’s flu! I’m not sure if I was actually sick last weekend or if I did things differently this time. I chugged my Perfomance drink like always, then I had a piece of cinnamon toast and a yogurt and took a nap. I felt great the rest of the day, normal actually. I hope that continues! I also didn’t have trouble sleeping like I did last week. Who knows!

I hope you all had a good Sunday!

Long Run Stats

I like to get my long runs over with in the morning so I don’t have to spend the whole day thinking about them. Chris had to leave by 7 today, so I made plans to meet a friend at 5:30. She could only run about 3 miles because she had to work, so I ran a mile to meet up, ran 3-ish miles with her, then ran as far as I could before Chris had to leave. I finished up on the treadmill.

Here are some facts about today’s long run:

Miles run outside – 9:22

Minutes run outside – 102

Average pace outside: 11:04

Miles run on the treadmill – 3.78

Minutes run on the treadmill – 39

Average pace on the treadmill – 10:42

Total miles – 13

Total minutes – 141 (2 hours, 21 minutes)

Combined average pace – 10:56

Swedish fish consumed – 9 (between miles 9-12)

Water consumed – about 8 ounces (also between miles 9-12)

Pieces of gear worn outside – 9 (head lamp, reflective vest, watch, Spibelt, arm band, iPod, earphones, phone, hand-held water bottle & holder)

Temperature at start – 42

Pieces of clothing worn outside – 8 (socks, tights, tank, long-sleeved shirt, headband, gloves, 2 undergarments)

Pairs of shoes worn – 2 (one outside, one inside)

Pieces of clothing worn inside – 4 (socks, 2 undergarments, shorts)

Podcasts listened to – 1.5 (For Crying Out Loud)

T.V. shows watched – just under 1 (Gilmore Girls)

Lowest moment – having to stop and go to the bathroom and about 2 miles before that (should’ve stopped sooner)

Highest moment – everything after 10 miles (10 was my goal but I felt good by then so ran more)

Fastest mile – mile 4, 9:52

Slowest mile – mile 8, 12:19 (potty stop mile)

– Running the last part of a long run on the treadmill kind of sucks, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. The Gilmore Girls is such a sweet little show and fun to relax to. What did people on treadmills do before Netflix?

– Getting a long run in by 8 a.m. is pretty awesome.

– Friends make everything better, even 5:30 a.m. runs.

– For some reason it is less scary running alone in the dark in the morning than it is at night, even though it’s equally dark.

– Re-running the same roads 2-3 times isn’t bothersome in the dark. I looped around a couple of times waiting for my friend, then ran a few loops around home. I didn’t want to get far away because I wasn’t feeling great and I had to be back at a specific time. I ran past the library 4 times and past my house 4-5 times.

– I like Swedish fish, but they aren’t as easy to eat while running as Jelly Bellies. The fish are too chewy and they stuck to my teeth. They are also a little too sweet or something…or maybe it was just that it was so early in the a.m. I didn’t feel like eating candy.

– Best post-run routine to date: snuggling on the couch eating cinnamon toast with Campbell.

Have you ever done part of a run outside and part on the treadmill? Have you ever tried Swedish fish as run fuel? What are your big Saturday plans?

Friday Night Fun

Tonight was pretty exciting.

First of all, for dinner, we had one of my new favorite recipes. It’s not my favorite to eat, although it is good, but if you factor in ease of preparation + being pretty good to eat it’s one of my favorites. I heard about it from a friend on Facebook, but there is a detailed explaination here: recipe. I hope you all can handle it. It’s pretty tough. ;) I only use 1/2 stick of butter and not quite a full packet of seasoning. I’m sure if you were a more creative/healthier type than I you could also make your own seasoning. The potatoes are so yummy! Tonight I just mixed potatoes, chicken, and big chunks of onion. Talk about a quick, easy, one-dish dinner!

Then, I played around with our running group’s website a bit. I made it a few weeks ago so people who weren’t on Facebook could see our race calendar, but I had some details to work out. Our race calendar used to be an external link to a Google spreadsheet, but I finally figured out a way to embed a table.

I also fixed our header so it’s larger on the main page and smaller on the other pages. Tinkering around with websites is so much fun! It’s nothing I’d ever want to do professionally, but I love dealing with the handful I manage.

Finally, I ditched the computer and played some games with the kids. Campbell is just recently old enough to start playing some games that Evan and I also find fun. First, we played Memory (not name-brand Memory but same concept). Campbell is crazy good at this game. I remember Evan being good at it as a younger kid, too. Why are kids so young so good at remembering? Is their brain less cluttered? I thought it was just me, but she can beat Evan, too.

Last year for Easter, or maybe it was even Christmas, both kids got a Spot-It game. Campbell’s is the “junior” version with just animals, and Evan’s is the regular (I think they are equally hard). It’s a simple deck of round cards with several images on each card. There are several variations you can play, but all involve finding matches on cards.

That sounds easy, but it’s harder than it looks! It’s amazing how long it takes sometimes. The images are all different sizes and directions on the cards.

Our favorite way to play was to put the pile of cards in the middle, and each one of us had one card (all cards face-up). If someone else had a match to the center card, you’d take the card and place it on their pile. The goal was to end up with the fewest cards. I won every time because the kids were so busy trying to give each other cards they forgot about me. Campbell isn’t quite as fast as Evan and me at this game, but she still found several matches before we did. Both kids loved it. Campbell was so upset when we quit playing to go to bed that she had a hysterical fit.

That was our Friday night! Pretty darned exciting–don’t be jealous! Oh, and I also threw in a load of laundry and the guys are watching Gold Rush.

Now I need to get out my running stuff and go to bed–I’m meeting a friend at 5:30 a.m. for part of my long run, then finishing the rest on my own.

What did you do tonight? What is your favorite EASY recipe? What is your favorite board game?