New Goods

Does it take you 3 years to buy shoes if you are looking for a new brand/model? We went to the running store on Sunday and I swear my clerk must’ve been ready to punch me in the face because I tried on about 10 pairs of shoes. Then, I narrowed it down to three and I had to have one on one foot and one on the other, then I had to switch feet because my right foot has a blister, and I didn’t want my blister pain to affect my decision. The guy (kid; I think he was 12) was so nice and didn’t even roll his eyes (to my face) but I just know he wanted to. I tried on Saucony, Mizuno, Adidas, and Brooks. I can’t even tell you which models of each shoe first of all because there was more than one in each brand and secondly because I have a horrid memory.

So, I narrowed it down to the Brooks Transcend. (you all know I hate decisions) After wearing minimal shoes for a year, I wanted to try traditional shoes again. From my stride, the clerk felt I needed a cushion shoe, but I had so many problems with shoes before I found Mizuno Nirvanas (support shoe that is no longer made) I was nervous about going back to cushioned shoes. He felt the Transcend was a good mix of support & cushion.

I also tried on the Brooks Pure Flow, which has a 4mm drop (vs. the 8mm Transcend). However, it is a light weight shoe and at that time I felt I might need a traditional running shoe. Now, I feel like maybe I should have tried the Pure Flow. It might have been a nice compromise. Does anyone wear Pure Flows?

Here’s my actual new shoe with the two other things that feel into my hands accidentally as I checked out. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I got a SpiBelt, which I actually LOVE. I have trouble finding arm bands small enough for me, so the guy (kid) at the store suggested a SpiBelt. I wasn’t sure I’d like wearing something on my waist, but it’s a LOT more comfy than something on my arm and it holds a lot more!

I also picked up an Asics Long Haul Handheld water bottle. I tried it running the other night and I really like it! I will only carry it if I’m running over an hour, but it will be nice for those longer runs. It’s the perfect size and I didn’t mind carrying it on Sunday’s 6-miler at all.

Do you take forever buying shoes? Do accessories “accidentally” get purchased at the checkout?


Have you ever noticed how many choices there are in running? I’m not even talking about the choices that don’t affect your running much like what you wear or how you style your hair.

Are you injured? You can see a:
1. M.D. (regular doctor)
2. D.O. (doctor of osteopathy)
3. physical therapist
4. chiropractor
5. ART chiropractor
6. other types of practitioners that I probably don’t even know about

Then there’s shoes You can pick:
1. minimalist shoes
2. stability shoes
3. cushioned shoes
4. trail shoes
5. barefoot shoes
6. racing flats
7. some combo of the above

Now let’s talk about yoga. Or is Pilates better? Or foundation training? Tai Chi? Should you stretch? Should you weight train? Are more reps better or higher weights?


And here I thought which direction to run was the only big choice I had to make. The more I learn about running, the more confused I get.

Today I tried a new type of treatment–active release technique, or ART. I have to say I was VERY impressed with my appointment. My doctor started with range of motion tests. He watched me walk and do squats and a few other movements. He explained everything he did. He gave me
homework (exercises to do on my own).

While my osteopathic manipulations were bringing me relief, they were not a solution. My body kept popping back out of alignment. I know that my right hip does not behave itself. Now I know that my right hip gets angry because my left leg is antagonizing it. The nerve in my left leg is all stuck. It’s stuck in several spots, which is apparently more than the average person. I’m an overachiever, you know. It doesn’t slip through the muscles like it should. I am pretty confident my doctor is right because after his treatment I had much more range of motion in my leg. Now, we’ll see how long it takes to fix it, or if this is something I’ll have to continue to treat. I really need to “graduate” because the ART doctor is an hour away, which is not exactly convenient!

So after my new doctor completely gained my confidence by explaining his treatments and my ailments in detail, he mentioned that he does not like yoga. He REALLY does not like yoga. He said that stretching muscles with stuck nerves can do more harm than good. He promoted a foundation training class, which would “teach me how to move” and heal me. The classes are small–8 participants max–and the teacher makes sure everyone does things correctly. Of course, I just signed up for a yoga class on Friday. It starts this Thursday. I was so proud of myself, too. I still think I am going to try yoga; it’s a very basic class with a very hands-on teacher who also makes sure you’re doing things correctly.

Then, I asked about shoes. He likes minimalist shoes, which I’ve run in for the past year. However, JUST YESTERDAY I bought a new pair of shoes that are traditional trainers! I realized that my glute pain really only started after I went from 4mm drop shoes to 0 drop shoes, prompting me to think maybe it was time to go back to traditional shoes. I bought a pair of Brooks Transcend and tried them last night on my 6-miler. They felt GREAT. Now, I have doubts. I originally switched to minimal shoes because I was having a lot of lower leg pain. I haven’t had that at all since I switched. Not even after hard workouts or races. I didn’t have it after wearing my shoes last night, either, but maybe wearing the minimal shoes for the last year has strengthened my legs.

I think my solution is going to be to not decide. I am going to alternate between Minimus shoes and my Transcends. I’m going to do 6 sessions of yoga to see what I think. I’m going to visit this ART doctor for a few months and see if I improve. Deciding is overrated, you know?

Do you find all of the decisions related to running to be overrated or am I just especially indecisive?

Ivy Faith Drinkall Memorial 5k

Saturday night we ran a very special race–The Ivy Faith Drinkall Memorial 5k in Milledgeville. You can read more about Ivy Faith here: Ivy Faith Memorial on Facebook

Here’s our group before the race. Look how many! Our town is only 4,000, you guys. This is a big group of people and several of us are missing!

There was one drawback to the race: it was at 5 p.m. and it was SO HOT. It actually wasn’t even sunny, which was a huge blessing because the humidity was fierce. I don’t think I’ve ever been that sweaty in my whole life. I had sweat running into my eyes. I had sweat running down the backs of my legs (that’s never happened to me before). I had sweat in places I am not going to talk about on this blog. So the race itself kinda sucked for me and I got a time that was something like 29:03. I haven’t even had the guts to look at my Garmin data yet. I did run the first mile in 8 flat. Then, I told my running buddy that she could go ahead and kill herself in the heat and that’d I’d be in the back! She ran off to finish only 10 seconds off her PR which is a GREAT time for that heat.

The best part was after the race. They had a full meal, silent auction, & beer garden. Everything was so yummy!

It was a first-year event, and it was impressively well organized and smooth. We will be back! :)