Pre-Run vs. Run Feelings

Have you ever noticed there is really no connection at all between how you are feeling before a run and how the run actually goes? I’ve had times where I felt really pumped and great about going out for a run and then felt sluggish and slow the whole way. Other times (many times actually), I have felt tired and horrible and then had a great run.

Last night, it was cold, windy, and dark. I am fighting off a cold (thanks Campbell) and the couch felt sooooo nice. Getting up to put on my running clothes seemed way too overwhelming. I couldn’t even process the thought of actually running. However, I had plans to meet up with two running buddies that are also really great friends. I wanted to see them, so I dragged myself up and out the door.

I turned out to be a great run. Even though we started out slow and ended slow due to a snowy stretch of sidewalk, our average pace was 9:49 and I felt really strong and energetic the whole way. I could have run faster. And of course, the conversation was great and it was mentally recharging to hang out with two of my favorite people for 40 minutes. After the run, I felt 100 times better than before I went.

Does this happen to you? I always remind myself of this phenomena when I don’t want to run. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been sorry to have gone, so I try to make myself head out even when I’m not feeling it.

Oh, and I haven’t completely given up on my something interestings. I did a few lunges last night. They really make my legs/hips feel great the next day.


Lori and I did our #megsmiles run this afternoon.

To be fair, we would have run anyhow, but it was nice to think of Meg while we did it. Do you ever think about your risk of dying while you run? I personally feel the people in the cars passing us had just as good of a chance at dying as we did running. Maybe even more.

In other and much more superficial news this was the first daylight run I’ve had since I bought my new Brooks PureGrits. Also the first dry pavement run in a couple weeks…so nice! In the daylight I noticed that my new Brooks match my running jacket perfectly. That is super important right? (I don’t have a pic of my jacket but it’s that exact shade of pink).

Today I went to Goodwill and got 5 or 6 shirts/sweaters for me plus these two games for $24.

And then I went to the pet store and spent $115 on food for our dog, cat, wild birds, and fish. Something is wrong with this equation.

Tonight for dinner I made one of my favorite soups, which is full of processed things but I like it anyways.

After dinner, for my “something interesting,” I did some high lunges

and I also did warrior pose 2 a few times on each leg.

Both of these poses make my legs feel so good!

Did you do something interesting today? Do you spend more on your pets than yourself? Did you do a #megsmiles run?

This is Weird

Yesterday my sciatic nerve was being a real pain (literally). Sitting was the worst, but standing was bad too. Sitting on hard chairs was really painful. I wasn’t sure at first it was sciatic pain, because my main pain is around the side of my knee and down the front of my leg. Then I looked up a picture of the nerve and it has a few branches at the bottom. One of them wraps around the front of your leg. Any resemblances to my actual backside are coincidental.

I was feeling pretty mentally down and crabby, like I get when I can’t run for a few days (it had been a week). Around 5 o’clock I decided my mental health was important, too. I took three ibuprofen, and around 45 minutes later, I put on all of my cold weather gear and headed out. The strangest thing happened–I felt GREAT. No pain at all. Even when I stopped, I felt GREAT. I figured I’d pay for it when the ibuprofen wore off, but I still felt perfect all night long and I had my first pain-free night of sleep in a week. Previous, it hurt whenever I’d move, so I woke up 3000 times a night. That maybe wasn’t an exaggeration.


I have read many times that taking ibuprofen before runs is bad. However, is it only bad if you have a muscular or bone issue? Or, did I just get extremely lucky? Obviously the ibuprofen caused the nerve to calm down enough so I could run, and somehow during the run I moved things around enough so that my nerve wasn’t angry any more. I’m sure it’s due to my two adjustments last week, especially the one on Saturday. My body was in alignment this time so running didn’t hurt, maybe.

I don’t know. Whatever happened, I’m extremely happy, equally as much that I don’t have to live my daily life in pain as I am that I can run again.

In other news, I ran alone for the first time in ages. I didn’t want to invite anyone along in case I only made it a half-mile (I went 3). I listened to the You Made it Weird Podcast. Pete Holmes interviewed Dana Carvey. It was hilarious.

And I ran mostly in snow, so I wore my new trail shoes. They worked pretty well. I’ve decided my least favorite running surface is packed snow on roads with salt on them. The packed snow slips under your foot but you can’t predict when, if, or in what direction. I did some running on unshoveled and walked-on sidewalks, which was very uneven, but at least not slippery.