The Perfection Combination and Unlimited Money

Thursday night I discovered the perfect combination. I ran at 5 p.m. Campbell came along on her bike (in an outfit of her own choosing).

I quickly came home and took a shower. Then, I went to restorative yoga. For 90 minutes, we did poses along the lines of this:

It was so perfect. Normally when we do restorative yoga, I can’t completely relax because my mind is racing. However, immediately after running, I’m physically worn down and I totally relax. It was amazing. I need to remember to run before every restorative session.

I told my yoga teacher that I wish I had time to do restorative yoga after every run. Of course, I do not, but I could do 5-10 minutes of a pose or two. I’m still doing my leg up the wall pose, which is considered restorative even though my intent is stretching. When I do that pose, I am usually skimming Instagram and not truly relaxing. I might take a little longer set-up next time and try to fully relax.

This led me to wonder how my running would be different if I had unlimited money. First off, I probably wouldn’t work. I adore my job, but let’s face it, I would not exactly do it for free. So if money was not an object, I would probably not work. This would give me time for a lot of things. Here are the running-related things I’d do if money was not an object:
1. Run almost daily
2. Follow each run with a guided restorative yoga/meditation session
3. Follow that with a massage
4. Visit the chiropractor at least once a week, maybe twice
5. Have a stride analysis
6. Have a personal chef to do my shopping and make healthy meals
7. Have a hundred pairs of running shoes displayed on the wall like a running store. With outfits displayed on hangers ready to go together, like at the running store.

This would leave me plenty of time to hang out with my kids and travel the world and do the other fun things involved with unlimited funds.

In all honesty, if I somehow did acquire a ton of money, I probably wouldn’t do these things. Spending that type of money on running would be crazy wasteful with all of the need going on in this world. I would do something like build a ranch for retired and unwanted racehorses or donate/start another charitable organization, probably animal related. I am not exactly a “living large” type of person. However, it is fun to think about.

Have you ever thought about how your running might change if you weren’t limited by money? Have you tried doing restorative yoga or meditation after a run?

Miles Not Included Podcast

I found a new podcast, and not only that, but my brother-in-law Brian is the co-host of this one! They started in January, but somehow I just now discovered it. The podcast is called Miles Not Included. It kept me company during my 6-mile failure of a run on Saturday, and also in the car on the way home from swim lessons. I have to say, it’s kind of strange to listen to someone you know on a podcast! It was fun, though. I haven’t ever really stuck with a running podcast, but I’m sure I’l stick with this one!

Every week, Brian, and his co-host, Joe, talk about their own week of running, interview guests, and more. It’s really good!

They also blog. Recently Brian wrote about choosing a fall marathon.

What are your favorite running podcasts? It’s been floating around in my head to start a running podcast for working moms, as I think that presents its own set of challenges, but it makes me tired to think about figuring it all out. Maybe in a few years. Have you ever considered starting a podcast?

Do You Believe in Signs?

Yesterday I headed out for a six-mile run. The first mile was great–a gentle rain fell. It was like running through one of those cooling stations at the zoo. It was incredible humid and the warmest weather I’ve attempted this year. Still, the next two miles weren’t too bad either. I ran the first three miles in 10:01, 9:37, and 9:48, even though I was taking it easy.

Then, somewhere towards the end of mile 4, I started to fall apart. The clouds blew away and the sun was out in full force. There was a slight wind, but it was at my back. I felt very hot. I started to feel sick. I got goosebumps. Now I know that goosebumps are a sign of heat exhaustion, but it was not THAT hot. I think it was just my body’s way of saying, “What the HECK is going on right now.” I walked from mile 4.5 to 5. Then, I started slowly jogging. I figured I could do anything for a mile, and it was going to take an awfully long time to get home walking.

I actually started to feel better–I had turned and there was a headwind, and knowing that I was close to home helped a lot. There is a train crossing about 1/4 mile from my house. A VERY slow train was crossing as I came up. There’s nothing I hate more than standing there waiting for a slow train, so I jogged down a gravel driveway about half a block and back several times while waiting for the train.

Guess how long that was? 1/2 mile. I ended up traveling 6.5 miles, but I only ran 6 of them. Isn’t it weird that waiting for the train was the same distance I walked? I definitely think I was meant to run 6 miles after all! My partially-walked mile ended up being 14:05 and my last mile was 9:57.

I am definitely not a sunny runner. I don’t mind heat, but I completely fall apart when the sun is on me. I’m not sure if I’d get used to that or not…frankly I haven’t really tried. When it’s hot, I typically wait until at least 7 p.m. when the sun is low in the sky.

Have you ever felt you were sent a sign while running? Do you run in the heat?