Putting Humpty Together Again

Awhile ago, I raved about the book Anatomy for Runners, which I still think is the single most helpful bit of running information I’ve found. I had really good intentions after reading that book. However, I sort of, um, didn’t ever do the exercises.

This week, Jen’s post about the exercises inspired me to give them another try. I’ve done them twice this week. She does a really nice job explaining the whys and the hows. At both my ART doctor and at yoga, it’s clear that my tight hip flexors, especially, are causing me considerable issues. I need to stretch those babies out.

At yoga the other night we were doing a pose in which you were to lie flat on your back and press your thighs into the floor. I cannot touch the floor with my thighs when I lie on my back. I guess most people can. It’s not related to thinness, either. My instructor is about my size, I’d say. It’s about flexibility. And probably some muscle imbalance. A couple of the yoga moves we’ve done line up nicely with my Anatomy for Runners exercises, so that’s good. Make that three times this week that I did some of them.

Foam rolling, stretching, clamshells, pigeon hip extensions, donkey kicks, bridge marches, knee to chest bridges, single-leg balances, standing hip extensions, and the “chair of death” (squats). It was a pretty exciting Saturday night around here.

Repeating Stupid

Why do we do stupid things? I feel like I can safely say “we” here because most runners I know do it. Sunday I completely overdid it, which I knew (stupid move #1). I figured a day or two off would fix it. I was hobbling around pretty good on Monday, but I went to my ART doctor and was feeling pretty good. Still, I took a rest day.

Tuesday, I felt fine. Because it was hot & humid, I ran at 8:30 at night. I pushed it hard for three miles (really stupid move #2). I have no idea why other than I feel like I’ve been wimping out on my runs lately. Apparently I forgot that two days before I had overdone it and the day before I couldn’t walk normally.

Wednesday, I was very sore. I hobbled to the ART doctor again and felt amazing when I walked out. I can’t believe the immediate turnaround. I felt so great that I decided to run 5.5 miles with friends that night (exceptionally stupid move #3). Hello? Brain cells? Are you touching?

Thursday, I woke up sore. It’s a different sore than my normal leg soreness related to my hip, but it’s definitely a nerve thing. I didn’t run Thursday but I did do yoga. I don’t necessarily think this was a mistake, as yoga didn’t hurt my leg.

Yesterday, I took the day off, and today, I’m promising myself I’ll take another day off. In fact, I’ve promised myself that I will not run until I wake up in the morning without leg soreness. We’ll see if I keep my promise. Monday, I go to the doctor again.

I’m so mad. I hate being hurt. I hate being stupid. I seem to do them both really well.

Grr. Is anyone actually smart about injuries? If so, please chime in with your secrets. Is anyone else hurt right now? I hope not!

New Goods

Does it take you 3 years to buy shoes if you are looking for a new brand/model? We went to the running store on Sunday and I swear my clerk must’ve been ready to punch me in the face because I tried on about 10 pairs of shoes. Then, I narrowed it down to three and I had to have one on one foot and one on the other, then I had to switch feet because my right foot has a blister, and I didn’t want my blister pain to affect my decision. The guy (kid; I think he was 12) was so nice and didn’t even roll his eyes (to my face) but I just know he wanted to. I tried on Saucony, Mizuno, Adidas, and Brooks. I can’t even tell you which models of each shoe first of all because there was more than one in each brand and secondly because I have a horrid memory.

So, I narrowed it down to the Brooks Transcend. (you all know I hate decisions) After wearing minimal shoes for a year, I wanted to try traditional shoes again. From my stride, the clerk felt I needed a cushion shoe, but I had so many problems with shoes before I found Mizuno Nirvanas (support shoe that is no longer made) I was nervous about going back to cushioned shoes. He felt the Transcend was a good mix of support & cushion.

I also tried on the Brooks Pure Flow, which has a 4mm drop (vs. the 8mm Transcend). However, it is a light weight shoe and at that time I felt I might need a traditional running shoe. Now, I feel like maybe I should have tried the Pure Flow. It might have been a nice compromise. Does anyone wear Pure Flows?

Here’s my actual new shoe with the two other things that feel into my hands accidentally as I checked out. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I got a SpiBelt, which I actually LOVE. I have trouble finding arm bands small enough for me, so the guy (kid) at the store suggested a SpiBelt. I wasn’t sure I’d like wearing something on my waist, but it’s a LOT more comfy than something on my arm and it holds a lot more!

I also picked up an Asics Long Haul Handheld water bottle. I tried it running the other night and I really like it! I will only carry it if I’m running over an hour, but it will be nice for those longer runs. It’s the perfect size and I didn’t mind carrying it on Sunday’s 6-miler at all.

Do you take forever buying shoes? Do accessories “accidentally” get purchased at the checkout?