Does a P.R. Count During Training?

Today I ran alone outside, which I don’t do often. When I do, I like to take advantage of the fact that I don’t need extra oxygen to talk, and I push the pace a little. Talking with friends is my #1 favorite thing to do while running, but it does slow me down about a minute a mile. I don’t mind at ALL–talking with friends makes a run awesome. The most awesome of all runs. I will ALWAYS choose a run with friends over a solo run if my schedule allows it. But today, Evan had a swim meet this morning when my normal buds ran, so I went alone in the late afternoon.

When I left, I planned to run 6 miles, and shortly into the run, I decided to go for my 10k PR. I’ve never really raced a 10k. I mean I’ve run 10k’s, at least three of them that I remember. But I don’t think I’ve ever really pushed myself during one. My fastest before today was 59 minutes, and that was just over a year ago. Today, I ran 6.2 miles in 54:38!

It was a nice run. It was 50 degrees. FIFTY! This felt like a heat wave after some runs in the windy teens this week. There was a strong head wind for one of the miles (I think maybe mile 4?), and another mile was mostly uphill (mile 3). But overall, the conditions were ideal and I’m pumped about this P.R. My 59 minute 10k from last year was on a very flat course, too.

However, let’s get to the big question. IS this a P.R. since I wasn’t in a race? I am torn, and I am leaning towards no. I know I could run even faster in a race, because, well, racing. But I don’t have a 10k on the horizon. They just aren’t that common around here. It might be 6-8 months before I run one and who knows where I’ll be, fitness-wise, then. Can I call this a P.R.?

Let’s take a poll:

Winter is Here!

Saturday night, it snowed. Not even an inch, but enough to turn everything white. Plus, it happened during our running group party so I actually had to dig out my window scraper and use it. Geez.

With the exception of a random cold day here and there, our fall actually wasn’t horrible. This past weekend’s snow was the first to accumulate. However, it’s 10 degrees right now and it’s supposed to be chilly the rest of the week. Today’s forecast is cold with 25 mph winds. I know 25 isn’t horrid, but it’s bad enough when it’s cold!

Still, I’d rather run 100 miles in this weather than 10 in the heat and humidity. At least now I’m saying that…ask me again in February!

Do you prefer the cold or the heat? What’s your weather today?

Social Outing

I haven’t been updating here much lately; sorry about that. I’m so busy this year! Are you tired of me whining about that yet?

Anyhow, in marginally more interesting news last night our running group had an end of the season party. Which mean we went out for dinner and then went bowling. Check this out, I am “JAM” on the left screen. 164! (I actually can’t remember how the game ended up but anything over 100 is really good for me)

I guess it’s time now to admit that it was a 9-pin tournament so 9’s counted as strikes. I guess it’s also time to admit that my second and third games were 100 and 99 (still 9-pin).

We made a lot of jokes about mile splits and pace and we even asked the owner if there were age groups or medals in the tournament (nope). Needless to say I think most of us should stick to running. But, we had a super fun time. Not quite as much fun as running a race together, but a close second.

I am not much of a selfie taker but here’s one of my friend Ona and me. She taught me to hold the phone up high to make us look younger.

And this is our Wednesday night crew, minus my friend Lori who was out of town.

Our next event? A race of course!

Does your running group have non-running-related social events?