Family Portrait Outfit Ideas

A lot (a whole lot) of people come to this blog by searching for ideas for their family portraits.

Here are my stats for “recent keyword activity” (meaning that’s what they searched for to land on my blog:
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You get the idea.

I used to do a lot of photography as a side gig. I’m easing out of it now, but this year I still did a few sessions for beloved clients of years past. Since most of my visitors who arrive via Google search lately seem to be looking for family portrait ideas, I thought I’d share a few families’ images for outfit inspiration. There are also great ideas on Pinterest and Polyvore.

I love how this family successfully combined a few different patterns and textures. Sometimes people think you have to stick with solids, and that’s not true. The patterns aren’t competing here. They also chose a few different colors instead of just one or two.

Here’s another set of outfits that is just great. Boots, suspenders, a tie, a vest…love it! The neutral color palette will work well on a lot of different wall colors, too.

These are fun outfits. Not matchy-matchy, but totally coordinating.

Here’s another cute little family with fun outfits. The toddler’s little polka-dot vest is the cutest thing ever.

This family makes black and white interesting by combining different textures and patterns:

Here are some nice fall colors:

An extended family shoot where they managed to get everyone coordinating–awesome job!

Here’s ours again:

There you go, a few ideas for family portrait outfits. Now it’s time to schedule yours! (not with me…I’m done for 2012!)

2 thoughts on “Family Portrait Outfit Ideas

  1. Excellent post for ideas. I just love your photo’s. It’s that professional casual ‘real family’ look that I love so much. Not the stiff as a board perfectly posed ones.

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