Quotes Project

A few weeks ago I went to a writing workshop, and the presenter suggested having the students keep a notebook of quotes they like that they may someday use in their writing. I decided to try this with my 8th graders. I gave them some time to look up quotes on their own (brainyquote.com is a great resource), then I had them walk around and read each others’ quotes and copy any they liked. I decided to take it a step further, and I had them create a “poster” of their favorite quote. I didn’t give them a lot of guidance other than asking that they be creative and not leave a lot of blank space on the page. These quotes are now hanging about the room, so there is inspiration for using quotes in writing no matter where you look! Here are some of their creations:

We don’t usually use the word “stupid” in class, but I love this quote and I love Bill Cosby. It’s right up there with my other favorite Bill Cosby quote: “I brought you into this world and I’ll take you out of it!”

There are many more I like, but those are a few that I took photos of. This was a fun project. I’m not sure what the kids liked more–making their own quote posters or reading everyone else’s!

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