Fill In ELA Model Content Framework Chart (using Google Docs)

Have you studied the PARCC ELA Model Content Frameworks yet? If you are in a state planning to use PARCC testing, you should!

The PARCC framework is admittedly (and purposefully) very vague.

To see in more detail what is required of each grade level, you will have to consult the Common Core standards. It’s pretty important to understand the standards in the grades before and after yours, too.

For example, you can see the language progression of skills in Appendix A of the Common Core standards.

It is essential for me to know if I’m introducing a skill for the first time or if I’m reviewing or expanding on prior knowledge. The following site is great because you can see the progression of each standard at each grade level (change the anchor strand and grade level at the top): Standards Across Grade Levels.

You can also highlight the changes at each grade level, which is very helpful.

Anyhow, back to the PARCC. This is an assessment that will be taking the place of the ISAT (standardized yearly state test) in Illinois. It will also be used in about half of the other states. They have published a model framework to guide you in meeting the Common Core standards across the curriculum. For my school, I created a fill-in ELA Framework using Google docs that looks like this:

And then I made one for all subjects in all quarters. Here’s one quarter:

This is way too tiny to read, but you can see what the whole grade level looks like for all four quarters:

With Google docs, this can be a live document that all teachers can add to as they wish, and see what other teachers are doing during a given quarter. It makes planning cross-curricular projects much easier, and it makes it easy for the ELA department to see what other teachers are doing in their classrooms so we can fill in as needed or support what is already being done.

How is your school handling the PARCC and/or Common Core? It’s a big change, but with change comes growth, and I’m excited about that.

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