Teaching Idea: Non-Fiction Limericks

After ISAT’s the students were done,
Their attention was from slim to none.
So we read an example
and made a class sample
Writing limericks was so much fun!

The limerick has a particular style
and learning it takes just awhile
if you can rhyme
and keep good time
Your poem is sure to cause a smile!

Non-fiction limericks are best
Of your learning they are a true test.
You must know the facts,
and you cannot relax
Or the main ideas will not be expressed.

Great examples are told on a show
The transcripts I edited so
the stories were clean
and none too mean
The kids gave guessing limericks a go!

Then I made them write limericks about school
To prove the class had not a fool.
Some wrote about math
or a different path,
But all were an educational tool.

Working in groups made this project better;
Having partners was a real attention getter.
They shared their thoughts
and each wrote lots
They recorded each limerick in a letter.

We shared them with all in the class,
And with teachers who came to pass.
I’ll share some with you,
So you can see too
That writing limericks can be a blast.

Class examples:
There was a time when people were rash.
They carelessly spent all their cash.
In 1929,
Things were no longer fine,
The fun ended with the stock market crash.

There once was a woman named Janet,
Who taught us the trade of the planet.
the words all rhymed
and we had a good time
learning limericks across the whole gamut.

In science we study the ozone layer.
While factories are polluting the air.
If the factories win,
We’ll burn our skin.
No more playing outside, no fair!

In the Great Depression people had no food,
Therefore, everyone was in a bad mood.
They cried and they cried,
Until everyone died.
The piles of dead bodies were quite crude.

In English Limericks were to be written.
I couldn’t focus because I was smitten.
As I sit here and stare,
at the cute boy over there,
I hope he will give me a stuffed kitten.

The Pythagorean Theorem is really a mess.
Especially if you have to take it on a test.
No worries, no shies,
Though I sometimes cry
Hopefully I did my best on the rest.

In history class it’s quite a blast.
With a bunch of lessons from the past.
With fun simulations,
and horrible complications,
History class will always go by fast.

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