Crazy Run

Last night’s run was just crazy. It started off with Campbell dressing like this:

And then my dog went after another very kind and innocent dog. Her leash somehow came unhooked and it was really terrifying. I am not going into detail because honestly I’m still traumatized. I think that will be her last run with me.

The weather was questionable but according to the radar it looked like I had about an hour window to run. Still, I stayed within 3-4 blocks of home just in case. Good thing because all of the sudden the skies looked like this (I didn’t take this; I stole it from a Facebook friend’s wall):

It was so creepy–black and yellow like a big ugly bruise. I turned for home, but just as I did the wind picked up BIG TIME and it started to thunder. I was only about 3 blocks from home, so I took off as fast as I could. We were about a block from home when we hit a downpour. I only ran a block in it but I was DRENCHED. It was very scary!

Between the dog attack and the storm, needless to say I was pretty shaken up by the time we got home. I hope to not repeat that run anytime soon!

14 thoughts on “Crazy Run

  1. Yikes! We’ve had storms like that here, and they’re no fun, especially if you get caught in them.

    I’m so sorry about the incident with your dog. I hope everything is ok.

    Your little one is too cute!
    Jenn recently posted..frustration & fearMy Profile

    • Being a princess makes everything better I think. After the dog incident she said, “Mom, Lily tried to play with that dog!” More like, “Lily tried to EAT that dog.” :/

  2. Whew! That is a crazy run! First off, I love Campbell’s outfit, haha. Secondly, I am sorry about what happened with your dog. That would have terrified me, too. And third those storm clouds look crazy! Thank goodness you were close to home when they rolled in.
    Meagan recently posted..Weekend camping tripMy Profile

    • Actually the dog pulls the stroller a bit (I hold onto the leash and the stroller w/ the same hand).

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