Thank You Notes Rerun

I am not teaching 8th grade this year, so I did not do this activity. However, I thought I’d repost last year’s Thanksgiving post for those of you who were not around a year ago. Around HERE I mean. Clearly you were alive a year ago.

Have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon’s thank you notes? If not, here’s an example: Thank You Notes.

On Tuesday, I showed my classes a couple of examples of Jimmy Fallon’s thank you notes. It took me awhile to find “clean” examples. You can say a lot of stuff on late night T.V.! Then, I had them write “thank you notes” of their own, related to Thanksgiving. They had a great time doing this, and I think they came up with some pretty funny ones! Here are some of them:

Thank you, deer hunting season, for keeping all of our creepy relatives away for the day.

Thank you, Thanksgiving, for making me want it to be Christmas.

Thank you, family tree, for being full of nuts.

Thank you, people that give out apples on Halloween, for telling me I’m fat.

Thank you, tomatoes, for being indecisive about whether you are a fruit or a vegetable.

Thank you, turkey, for always getting stuck in my braces, then having to awkwardly pick it out.

Thank you, gravy, for clogging my arteries.

Thank you, corn horn thing, for making me sound like a hillbilly because I can’t pronounce cornucopia.

Thank you, KFC, for being our back-up dinner.

Thank you, hunting, for letting people take our their anger at something else.

Thank you, family, for not liking each other so we have an excuse for two Thanksgivings.

Thank you, turkey, for stuffing me even before I get to the stuffing.

Thank you, school cafeteria workers, for showing us how not to make a turkey.

Thank you, football, for making hurting people a national sport.

Thank you, stuffing, for making our free turkey from Sullivan’s look more expensive.

Thank you, Black Friday, for not leaving out the whites.

Thank you, turkey, for being bigger and less tasty than a chicken.

Thank you, layaway, for letting me buy things I can’t pay off.

Thank you, Black Friday, for giving me a reason to buy a huge TV that won’t fit in the house.

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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