Google Forms for Surveys, Data Collection, Quizzes, and More!

Have you ever used Google Forms? I made a very quick sample form that is also a survey of my blog readers: Please Complete This Reader Survey!

This is not a teacher thing–Google Forms can be used for a lot of things! Google Forms are essentially questions with answers recorded on Google spreadsheets. Unlike other survey websites out there, with Google Forms you have complete control over your form and your data. Google forms can be used any time you want to collect data. There are a lot of great ideas here: Innovative Ideas for Using Google Forms and here: Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers.

Let’s walk through making a simple Google form. To start off, you must have a Google account and be in your Google Drive. Then, click “create” and select “form”.

Then, you will choose a title and a theme.

Choose which type of question you want.

Type in your first question and the choices.

Click “add” to add another item. Note that you can also add images and videos (You Tube only I think). You could create really cool webquest style activities. I add a page break every few questions so my users don’t have to scroll too far down one page.

When you are finished adding questions, do the confirmation page (last item by default). Note that you can choose if you want your participants to be able to see the results of the survey and if you want them to be able to edit their responses. In the classroom, I usually do not allow them to see others’ responses, but it kind of depends on what you’re doing.

You can toggle whether or not you’re accepting responses (red) or view your survey (blue).

By going to the response menu (see above photo), you can determine where the results of the survey go. They will end up in a Google spreadsheet.

In my Google Drive, I can see my form and my response spreadsheet.

Click “view live form” and test out your survey!

When you are finished, you will get a message based on what you typed in for the confirmation page when you typed in the form:

For my quiz, clicking “see responses” will bring you to this page:

Here is what my results spreadsheet looks like. I can manipulate this information just like I can with any other spreadsheet.

You can see the response spreadsheet for my blog survey here: Responses

At work, because we have Google Apps for Educators, I can require that my students use their Google account to sign in. Alternately, you can make Question 1 “name” so you can keep track of who’s who. Then, on my results spreadsheet, I get a username along with a time stamp.

If you click “send form” at the bottom of your form, you can share with others in a variety of ways.

There are hundreds of pre-made templates out there. You could Google specifically what you’re looking for, or look here: Google Docs Templates

Now you can read about how to automatically grade these quizzes and send the results to your students using Flubaroo here: Autograde Quizzes with Flubaroo!

Do you use Google forms? For what? If not, what do you think you could use a form for?

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  1. Now you must really be going crazy with all these days off from school that you have to make up a survey so you can answer your own survey….LOL

    • You should try one! You could use it for something as simple as planning your next family potluck. 🙂

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