Auto-Grade Google Quizzes and Email Results with the Flubaroo Script

Earlier, I explained in [too much??] detail how to create a Google form (click that sentence to view). Now, let’s talk about an awesome Google script: Flubaroo. Using this script, you can automatically grade your Google forms quizzes and email results to participants.

I created a quick little quiz here: Busy Prepositions and the results sheet is here: Busy Prepositions Responses. Just to show off, I created a quiz with an embedded YouTube video.

Once you’ve created a quiz, take the quiz twice. One time, create an answer key by entering “correct answers” or “perfect” as the name (or something else to help you remember) and then complete the quiz answering all questions correctly. The other time, it doesn’t matter. You need to take it twice because Flubaroo requires at least two responses.

Once your students have taken the quiz, it’s time for GRADING! On the answer spreadsheet, go to the “tools” menu and select “script gallery”.

Search for “flubaroo”. Then, click “install” next to Flubaroo.

It will ask you for permission to do a few things. Unfortunately “mail my dad a birthday card” is not on that list. Click “accept”.

Looky, now you have a new menu on your sheet!

Go to the new Flubaroo menu and click “grade assignment”.

Step 1 is where you identify what to grade and how many points each question is worth. You can also skip grading specific questions if you wish.

In step 2, you will choose the answer key. Make sure your key is correct for obvious reasons.

After you hit “continue”, you should eventually see this message:

Boom! Quiz graded! Wipe the sweat off your brow. You will now see two tabs on your sheet (at the bottom). You will also see a summary of your responses at the top, and questions in which the overall score is less than 60% are highlighted in orange.

Now of course your students will want to know their scores. No problem! Flubaroo will automatically email them upon request, as long as you have created an “email address” question and the students have entered a valid e-mail address. For my email “question”, I did use a data validation option which will hopefully help solve some email entry errors.

Go to the Flubaroo menu again and select “email grades”. Choose the email “question” and decide what you want the e-mail to include.

Hit “continue” and it’s done! Here’s part of the email I received from Flubaroo:

Is that cool, or what?

There are a few more Flubaroo tips here, like on how to have multiple text answers: Flubaroo!

Wouldn’t it be cool if the quiz would automatically e-mail the student upon submission? Guess what, it will, using a script called Autocrat. The reason I don’t use ONLY Autocrat is because I cannot figure out how to have Autocrat send the actual grade…you have to use Flubaroo to manually start the grading script first. However, at least my students will receive an e-mail response with their answers (and the correct answers if I chose). I will post on Autocrat soon!

Up next: a non-teaching post. I promise! 🙂

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