Google Tip Tuesday

Do you consider yourself a good Googler? I have given myself the title of “Google Queen” at work because I think I can find almost anything on the internet. I really wish I had the same skills when looking for lost items at home… anyhow, here are some tips for Google searching like a pro.

Tip #1 – Use quotation marks to search for exact terms. This will cause only websites with the words in that order to show up (and without words in between).The first few results will likely be similar with or without quotes, but further down the list things will be different. It’s really handy when you’re searching for a name. Here, I searched for “Calgary Stampede results” with quotes:

and without quotes:

Tip #2 – Use “vs” to figure out items comparable to what you are searching for. For example, if I type “Merrell Pace Glove vs” in the search box, Google will autocomplete with items that are similar.

Tip #3 – Use the “-” sign to search for a site without a given word. Searching for “track workouts -400” will bring up only pages with “track workouts” but not any that also have “400” (because everyone hates 400’s right?).

Tip #4 – Use quotation marks to show that insignificant words are a required part of the search term, such as “the”, “how”, “when” or “and”. Google automatically ignores these types of words when search to speed up the search.

Tip #5 – Search within a site by using “site:”. Here are the results for trail run It searched only my website for “trail run”.

Tip #6 – Track your packages by typing a tracking number right into the Google search box.

Tip #7 – Find related websites by starting your search with “related:”. I found sites similar to Lululemon by typing in “”.

Tip #8 – Be very specific in recipe searches by clicking “search tools”. Check it out:

The search tools button will change based on what you search for. Here, you could search for websites with Milwaukee, WI in the past 24 hours.

Tip #9 – Find measurement conversions by typing in the information you have and the information you need, such as “5k in miles”. This works for currency, time, and pretty much any conversion.

(did you know about that .00686??)

Tip #10 – Search for synonyms using the “~” symbol. Here, I’ve searched for “post run ~snacks”. The results include both “snacks” and synonyms for snacks.

Tip #11 – Do pretty much any math problem.

Tip #12 – Search by file type by using “filetype:” like this, where I’ve searched for PowerPoint files of marathon training plans:

Of course, don’t forget about the basic tools across the top, like “maps”, “shopping”, etc. You really can find almost anything by Googling!

There are more tips here: Google Search Tips

Do you have a tip I left off? Share it in the comments!

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    • I have learned them over the years, mostly because I used to teach “Good Googling” at school.

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