A Fun End-of-the-Year English Activity

I have really had to wrack my brain this week thinking of engaging activities for my 7th graders. It’s such a tricky time of year–I have to be more engaging than normal, yet I can’t have them working on big assignments during the last couple of days of school. Today, I decided to do some improv activities. I consider this “English” material because they are working on their speaking skills.

We started by watching a couple of carefully selected, clean “Three Headed Broadway Star” skits from Who’s Line is it Anyway. Here’s one:

Then, I asked for a volunteer. This volunteer was allowed to choose between 2 and 4 buddies to help him. I asked the “audience” (class) for ideas, and we selected a sentence starter. The kids had to tell a story, saying one word at a time. I counted how many words they could get in in two minutes. If they said a word that didn’t make sense, or said more than one word, they were done. Unfortunately, seventh graders aren’t terribly good at making improv funny, but they still had fun with it and we laughed. They got really competitive with trying to get the most words in two minutes.

One of my afternoon classes wanted to try singing, so we did a few “3 headed broadway star” songs. This continued into homeroom, where three of my six grade boys sang “Life in the Dreamhouse” from the musical Barbie (fictional musical & song name created by the “audience”).

Even though I was reluctant to ask my students to sing, they had a really good time with it. I didn’t force anyone to go up, but most volunteered at some point. In a couple of classes when the groups started to get a little boring, we did a whole-class improv in which we made a huge circle. We started a story, and each person had 3 seconds to come up with a word. If they could not, they had to sit down until we had a “winner”.

This was a really fun end-of-the-year activity that was fun for them, educational (mostly), and entertaining for me!

What were your favorite end-of-the-year activities in school?

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    • Exactly! They CAN think critically, but not so much the last week of school.

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