If you are a teacher, you really need to check out if you haven’t already (formerly Remind 101).

This is a very cool mass text/email notification system. You set up an account for your class(es), then invite parents to join. They can elect to receive text messages and/or email notifications. You send the message using the computer or via a phone app.

I use it for 6th grade homework (all subjects, not just mine). On the first day of school, I sent home both an email and a note explaining how to sign up for Remind. You can download the explanatory PDF with your class code (even a QR code!) online. I added a note that I would be using it for homework.

I signed up with my own cell phone to make sure it was working and it was so slick! The best part is the parents don’t get your cell phone number and you don’t get theirs. I can see a list of parents and whether they have signed up for emails or texts, but that’s it. I can also delete people if I feel like crazies have signed up, although it wouldn’t really matter because all they’d be getting is a list of homework assignments. We have another school-wide notification system for weather emergencies, etc.

One concern I had was that parents would think it was my cell phone number and try replying to the text. I tried doing that on my phone, and right away I got a message, “Sorry, you cannot reply to your teacher.” Perfect!

I haven’t had a ton of feedback from parents yet, as it’s just the first week and I haven’t seen many, but one parent who is a friend outside of school said, “I love seeing how much homework there is before I even get home!” (I send the messages around 3:00). We joked that if there’s a lot should could “have a late meeting” after work so her husband would have to help with homework that night.

Teachers–have you tried Remind? The best part is it’s free!

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  1. That’s a great service – and even more so because it’s free! Great way to keep parents in the loop on what’s actually been assigned, and even better that it protects both your cell number and the parents’.
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