Steve Klooster Memorial Run at Dutch Days {Fulton, IL}

Just another day that didn’t go as planned for 3/4 of us. I’m getting better at things not going as planned.

The plan: The race is only about 15 minutes from us, so Chris would drive over himself and do his hour-long prerace ritual involving running, running, and I’m not sure what else. The kids and I would come over about 30 minutes before the race started. Evan, Chris and I were going to run the 5K while my mom watched Campbell. Chris is hoping to run a fast 5K as a speed workout for his upcoming big triathlon.

Reality: Campbell can’t sleep and we are up until 2:30. She flops and turns; we don’t know why. Nonetheless, Chris left 30 minutes before us as planned. Small debacle involving Evan and running shorts (he has none that fit…hmm…b-day idea…). I get ready. Last step: grab Campbell out of bed. As I’m getting her dressed, I see that she’s covered in quarter-to-half-dollar sized raised hives. No wonder she couldn’t sleep! I decided to stay home with her until I can further evaluate the hives scenario. My mom stops by to pick up Evan and take him to the race. I shove my 300 pound camera in her hands and order her to take pictures. She tries to object but I put it on program mode and say “just push the shutter button”. Later I text her and tell her she also has to give me play-by-play updates throughout. It’s really fun being my mom, I think. Maybe I can somehow turn this into her fault for raising such a demanding and controlling daughter?

The boys stretch before the race.

My aunt and uncle and grandma came to watch. My aunt and uncle recently retired and are living in an RV, traveling. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

My mom captured this shot during the race of Chris and Chad Leitzen from Dubuque. They ran against each other a few weeks ago, remember? Chad won today; Chris took second. I’ve decided I want family pictures taken of us here…Campbell in the stroller, the rest of us running down the path along the river…wouldn’t that be fun? I know most people dress up for family pictures, but here in the Scott household, we’re more about running clothes.

Chris finishes the race. I love small-town races that finish on their main street. Chris is cranky about his time as he has run almost a minute faster in the past few weeks.

Evan finishes, like I said, in 28 minutes or so. I’ll have to look up his time later when they’re posted. Evan is just like his dad and also cranky about his race. “I almost got last!” he said. He totally did not…there were a lot of ADULT runners behind him. This is a difference between my boys and me–when I finish a race, I feel exhilaration that I’m still alive, that’s it’s over, that I can go hit the snacks. They have “coulda shoulda woulda” scenarios in their heads. Anyhow, you can see Chris way off to the right. After he finishes, he always goes back to run the last 1/2 mile or so with Evan, and then lets him cross the line by himself.

After the race:

Meanwhile, I was at home giving Campbell some Benadryl and keeping an eye on her. She was acting fine. After a couple of hours, the hives were no longer raised, just red, and after a second dose of Benadryl, they are almost gone. I’m not going to worry about this too much unless it happens again. She didn’t eat or drink anything weird, that we can think of. Since I was already dressed to run, I took her out in the jogging stroller after she had breakfast. She waved at all of the big trucks (she likes trucks). I was able to hold 10-minute pace most of the way, which is pretty good for pushing the stroller.

So, it wasn’t a bad morning after all. See, a change in plans doesn’t always mean a change for the worse!

3 thoughts on “Steve Klooster Memorial Run at Dutch Days {Fulton, IL}

  1. I chuckled throughout this whole post. You just crack me up sometimes in your descriptions.

    • Glad I can make you laugh because a lot of times it isn’t funny at the time! LOL

  2. Glad your baby is okay and everyone else got “their run” in for the day! Great race recap, especially since you weren’t even able to be there! Love all the pictures. Your kids are very photogenic. 🙂

    It is so funny how some people just have that competitiveness and drive built right in to their personalities, and the rest of us, well…you know. 😉

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