Long Trail Run

Yesterday I did an 8 mile trail run, which was my longest run in quite some time. I did an 8-mile road run a month or two ago, but 8 miles on the trail is a lot harder than 8 miles on the road. The funny thing is 8 trail miles feels a lot easier than 8 road miles, even though it takes way longer. I’m not sure if it’s because the dirt is a lot easier on your body or because the scenery is a lot easier on your eyes or both.

I saw more people than I ever have. I guess I’m not the only one who loves the woods this time of year! Right off the bat, I saw a woman and her husband, and I nearly gave them a heart attack. I actually ran off the trail in an effort to crunch more leaves and make noise, but they still didn’t hear me. What is the right thing to do, yell something like “coming up behind you”? I always feel bad when I scare people.

Around mile 3, I saw four women riding horses. One of them was leading a pony with a saddle on (I’m assuming to train it). They asked if I wanted a ride back. The funny thing is, I saw them again at the end of my run. They had gone 3 miles since I’d seen them and I’d gone 5. Horses are not exactly speed demons on trail rides.

I saw two moms with their daughters, and then towards the end, my yoga instructor and her dog.

I basically did a loop around the whole park. I could have made my run longer by taking every little off-shoot loop, but 8 was good enough for me.

The east side of the park is an area I don’t often run. There’s a few sections where you run alongside a farm field in the grass, and I hate those sections. It’s worth it, though, because part of it is in a really pretty valley.

Shortly after leaving that area, I saw a few wild turkeys. Can you see them?

This is one of my favorite sections of trail, which is right behind the campground.

Right at the end of the 8 miles was a really hard downhill (as in hard to run down it’s so steep) and a really hard uphill. I tried to take a picture, but hills never look hard in pictures, do they!?

Next weekend, I will try 9 or 10. Woohoo! I’m really hoping the trails stay runable on the weekends for along time!

8 thoughts on “Long Trail Run

  1. I totally know what you mean about trail running taking longer but feeling easier on the joints! What a fantastic 8 mile loop! Looks like a great place to run!

    I am not sure how to not scare people I am approaching. Even when I am loud and say “coming up behind you” they are still scared (if they hear me at all)!
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    • I know, it’s weird because I’ve run the past 4 days in a row and I felt perfect. Normally I’d be feeling pretty fatigued. Maybe I need to carry a horn to honk when I’m coming up on people. LOL!

  2. Trail miles are so different than road miles! I feel like my joints are definitely more achy after a long run on pavement, but I’m more tired after a long run on trails. Definitely has to do with the amount of time. Plus when I’m getting back into trails my muscles and ligaments will feel sore, too, until they get used to the terrain and elevation.

    I hate when I startle people, too! I always seem to spook people, no matter what approach I try.
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