A Change in Direction

Hello! I haven’t posted in a long time, but I think I might pop on here from time to time to write about teaching.

I’m still running, but that’s become sort of old news and since I rarely race anymore, there isn’t much to talk about. I’m not sure how much you want to hear about my morning runs with my friends, because it would go like this: Tuesday I ran 3.44 miles! Thursday I ran 3.44 miles! On the weekend I ran [something longer] miles! I’ve fallen into a comfortable rhythm of 3 days a week and races almost never. I did one in 2017 so far and I might do 1 more Christmas run, depending on the weather. I have to say, running is a lot more relaxing when you aren’t training for anything. I do always run at 5:45 a.m. now, which is different, but I’ve come to love morning running!

I did go back and delete over 1000 old posts about random things–running, photography, etc. to change the direction of the blog and protect my family’s privacy a bit. It seems odd to have people reading about what we were up to in 2012, you know? I did keep the teaching posts. Since I completely changed my curriculum, I don’t even do most of those things anymore, but maybe someone else will want to.

In teaching news, this year I’m teaching 6th grade English and literature as a block, and I love it. I’ve also switched to standards-based grading, so I am going to start posting about that a bit.

We’ll see how long I keep it up this time!